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First Post : Will To Fight Against Circumstances

Last week me & my husband went to Shirdi & Nasik..We booked a bus for Nasik tour so that we could go through all special holy places in a day, as in night we were having train from Nasik Road Railway station . In Nasik I had to visit Trimbakeshwar ShivaTemple specially because during my last visit in year 2013 I went there ,tied a thread & asked God to sort out the confusion in which a wrong step could ruin my life and if that confusion will be sorted out I will come again there.“Sometimes in life when you don’t get answer from yourself and so you are not able to decide what is good for you,you should leave on someone whom you trust more than you for that decision”,so my God was on that place for me & I left on him to decide for me.It is my belief & I can’t expect it to be of every one.My God decided for me very well & so now in 2015 I had gone to visit him again at Trimbakeshwar & Shirdi ,though God is everywhere and I thank him everyday by doing prayers at my home,but sometimes a particular  place play an important role in giving peace to your soul . We were ready to enter inside the Trimbakeshwar Shiva of temple,saw a board at the top of main entry gate ” Rs 200/- donation per person “,What is this now ?as this process was not there last time as far as I could remember . Now like Shirdi ,here also they started VIP line sort of . Corruption has not left our temples even.We were also about to take part in it as we were searching the window where we could pay Rs 200/- and complete our darshan as soon as possible.But in search of window for paying the donation fees ,we found the common man line ,having huge crowd in it,now came the first step towards taking a decision,whether right or wrong that we will come to know afterwards.My husband asked me whether I would like to continue with such a big crowd or go out and search for spot where we could pay for VIP line.Firstly I was confused ,than made my mind that we will continue in common man line.What helped me in taking decision was the resource available there,means the other passengers of our bus were there,some were before us & some were after us,due to which I could judge that my decision was right , we will not be late in reaching bus as each one of us will take the same time in darshan .Than suddenly a sound started growling my ears .I asked my husband ,if he could hear same sound,sound of lightning ,but he refused.Our queue was inside a big tent,again that sound came & it seems that cloud had burst heavily,& than the heavy rain started,as if it will tear the tent and come inside.Thank God that didn’t happened ,though few amount of water started coming inside touching our feet on the carpet on which we were moving.My husband mocked” An atheist came inside the temple,so the God might have get excited” .He was referring to him,yes he is an atheist ,there are some reasons behind it,but he supports me in my salvation,and that matters.We were moving forward in line,some people were fighting with their behind ones if they were trying to come forward through cheating,some were chanting hymns,some were just loudly taking God Shiva’s name as “BHAM BHAM BHOLEY”.Ah,suddenly pain started in my stomach & back,though there were iron benches for sitting,but I could not.I tried to tolerate as we were just four to five lines behind the temple door.But I couldn’t  remain stand and move further,now comes the end of my tolerance for pain.Than my husband said that we will come next time for darshan & took my hand and moved backside to find someone who could open gate as at every end of line there was a gate where a guard was available to open gate in case any emergency comes.We came outside the queue.Still it was heavily raining outside.I went washroom,in the mean time my husband brought medicine for me.I took it & took rest for ten to fifteen minutes , suddenly a thought came in my mind ” Is some one trying to push me back,so that I may not complete my darshan” & I started feeling that I was too close to my goal and now I could not leave it in anyway.I asked my husband to ask the guard if we could continue from the same point where we had left.My husband said that all the passengers who were along with us would be in the temple for darshan & if we will continue in queue again ,it will again take around one hour or more & than if we will not reach on time in bus,bus driver will get angry & I don’t want to fight with him as the bus driver was rude in behaviour .Now again I was in position where I had to take decision, a decision which could be risky for both of us as it was rainy day and there could be difficulty in getting other taxi,a decision which could make me  happy & satisfied, a decision of inner peace.So I decided to ask the guard whether we could continue through entry in same gate,from where we left.He nodded yes,but gave us entry four lines back from the gate we were exited .“Life always gives you second chance,it’s upon you whether you want to take it or not”. My husband and me entered but he was in tension of getting late and due to which problem would be caused to other passengers and the bus driver.Actually he is very kind person and never want to create problem for anyone.So he said that “it would be better if you would be fighting with me afterwards, as I was not ready to go back to bus without darshan,rather than me fighting with bus driver and other passengers as we knew that we will be late”.So he went outside crossing the gate which was at end of the line as this time guard was not ready to open the lock.At this moment I was alone in the line,people were there,but my companion was not with me,and I had to move forward alone..” Life shows us such moments when we get alone ,that time we need to motivate our self & move further as we could see we are near to our destiny,which is not at all easy to achieve” I moved further,than slowly sadness went away and I started realizing that I took the third decision on my behalf.In a single day I took three major decisions on a big risk.So I was close to the door of main temple.Still there was huge crowd.Suddenly I saw my phone was ringing,it was my husband’s call.I picked ,he said” that bus is still waiting ,if I could reach there in five minutes as one of the passenger who was with us in queue,knew our situation,why we were late ,so asked the bus driver to wait for some time”But I knew my darshan will not get complete within five minutes as still there was crowd .If I have to go back , I need to go without darshan.So here the comes the time of taking my fourth decision and I took it ,I said no,I refused to go back.“Life put you under such situations where you know you are very close to your destiny,but roadblocks doesn’t leave behind your path,& you need to come over,to achieve what you want to” So I entered inside the main temple where I had great darshan of three faces embodying Lord Brahma,Vishnu & Mahesh & bow my head down , of which every one was not getting time as the lady guards were forcing people outside just after having a look of the deity.Last time when I came here,there was a mirror through which we had to do the darshan of deity,but this time I could have darshan openly.

I was really happy after this as I did what I wanted to.This was my achievement,as I believe small small achievements only motivates us to do something bigger.This is a real incident which I shared.I know that it’s not a big deal to stand in huge crowd for darshan of holy deity & finally do them,but to face the circumstances and taking decisions on behalf of it,is a big deal .

Till now I am not a writer,but expression of my feelings in open ,will make me that surely.


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