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Story of my Indian Parents

Though Parents   all over the world would be different in their ways of expressing love and making sacrifice for their children , but Indian parents embodied with variety of traditions, culture and societal norms are unique.

My Mom says that my father could not sacrifice anything beyond his comfort level, especially food but still I must say he sacrificed in his own ways .I remember when I had to take admission in MBA and he was  not ready for it, I conceited at him and said

‘Papa, I will take loan and pay my fee if you are not ready for it.

When I will get placed, I will repay it’.

My father heard calmly and didn’t said anything .I went to bank with my Mom , but they refused to give me loan because firstly I was taking admission in private University, due to which they couldn’t give me loan on my basis and secondly we were not having any property in city which could be kept with them on mortgage, because my parents made me study in top school only who were having expensive fee, due to which they could not save much amount to invest and buy home . This dissipated my last hope and I felt pity on me.

Next day when I arose, my father was not there .Mom told that he went to the market for some work, but when he came back he astonished me with his question…

“When you have to submit the fee? “ I replied “before end of this month” ,while staring him. He gave me a packet and said ‘’Ok,go with your mom and submit it’’ .Then again he thrown a question over me, You know why I wasn’t agreed with your plan of borrowing loan? I sarcastically replied with No. He said, because I didn’t want to put you under burden of tension of repaying loan, once you get placed. That time I really wanted to hide myself somewhere in guilt to go apeshit without knowing the exact situation. Few days after I came to know that my father had arranged some amount of money by taking a pre installment of next quarter from farming contractors, which meant that for the next three months, his major source of income had been shut .

Though I already knew that every time my parents did best for me, but this incident had really opened my eyes. I realized that every person around me used to shower their love in words, but it was my parents who took the action without thinking about them at once, whenever I needed them. It was my parents who gave me everything, I had asked them, sometimes even before. Even when I completed my MBA and get placed, the amount that I had gathered in my account, they refused to take and asked me to keep it for secure future. I am really proud to be daughter of such great parents who have high self esteem along with ocean of love.

“There are not one or two incidents which reflect their good deeds, they are just countless.”



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