Satirical Conversation b/w Girlfriend & Boyfriend

In today’s world boys and girls are getting same platform,up to much extent.Both of them gets busy in studies,drafting careers and moulding them in definite shape.When career is there no one gets time for household work , helping mothers,neither mother wants them to do so.In such a career oriented environment,how a girl will respond if a boy ask her to wash dishes or to do any other household work.Here are some of the reactions.pic_96514984

Boy: Baby Sherlock Holmes movie will come at 3 p.m. Now it’s 12p.m.Wanna see that at my home?

Girl: Oh Great!! I am coming and will see it together.

Boy:Wow come soon,I have cooked food as well.You just need to help me in washing dishes,as my maid is not there,rest every thing is done .

Girl:See baby ,I will come, but not now after two hours as I need to go out with Mom .Hope you will complete your work till then……..

Boy:GRRRRR……errrr ….Why I asked her to come?(thinking in his mind),said

Yo!!Baby I will do so…..

Girl:Bye baby, love you …

Boy:Love you too(very sadly)

Another  side of the Conversation>>>>>>>..

Boy: Hey ! I am at home and ready to watch some movies on Netflix. Wanna Come??

Girl: Yeah I can come,but right now feeling very much hungry,what is in  food?Is it ready?

Boy:yeah,don’t worry ,I have cooked schezwan chicken fried rice for you.

Girl:Oh,Wow than I will come soon.

Boy:Baby just wanna ask one thing…

Girl:What is that my sweet heart?

Boy:Actually my maid has not came from last two days and you know I am  very much busy in my office work now a days,if you could help me out in washing utensils?

Girl:Oh Common baby,surely I could do that….

Boy:(feeling happy)

Girl:But JUST now,mah mom dropped me text and asked me to come home urgently.So,I can’t come today,but surely any other day….

Boy:Oh wow!!  Girl:Why he is happy?(thinking in her mind)

Boy:Just now my maid has came ,now no worries.No work to do except watching movies ,eating delicious food and icecream.

Girl:Just now my mom dropped me message again,that I don’t need to go home right away,so I can come your home and we could enjoy……….

Girl reached at boy’s home and her reaction:Yuck!!!Something is stinking badly…

Boy:That’ of Utensils.

Girl(In shock):What ?? you told me your maid is here,where is she??

Boy: I mocked……..(with joyful expressions)

Girl:What,how could you do that?

Boy:Every time you can’t  make me fool….he he

These Satires also have a moral behind them: When men & women both are equal,they should treat themselves equal in every respect.Neither of them is made for household work but they should do that in order to co-operate each other in their living.

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