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Why I am comparing my India with any other developed nation??

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I belongs to India which is  known for its rich culture,different traditions and heritage and I love my country for this diversity.Recently I  moved to Australia with my husband and since the time I landed here a question came in my mind, and suddenly I started noticing the difference in every bit ,so that I could myself answer the question,why our country is still in developing nations,when it is having abundance of natural resources,abundance of  talent which other nations are using,and abundance of young population,why in India we have communal violence when here in Australia we Indians are living peacefully with all religions  ?? I got the answers one by one.

What we require …………………

  1. When we landed in Australia and came outside from airport in search of cab,we saw a taxi in front of us and the  driver seemed to us an Indian,though this was not the reason to take his taxi,but his taxi  was big enough to carry our luggage.As we moved further after sitting in taxi,I asked the driver in curiosity,whether he belongs to India? He promptly replied that you might get off from this  taxi,if I will tell you my country.With little shock and hint in our mind ,we tried to make him comfortable by saying this won’t happen,now it is his wish if he wants to tell otherwise it’s fine.After some time he told us that he is from Pakistan.I don’t know why our faces were not having expressions of anger,like we used to have in India if heard someone belongs to Pakistan,in fact we were cheerful to know about this and we  were happy like we met with some of our own friend/relative.He also told us that his mother was from Amritsar,Punjab in conversation . That day there was match b/w India and Pakistan too about which we started discussing and laughter burst all around . That day I realized that we all are same but terrorism,religion and two nation theory had separated us and here in abroad we are giving  value to humanity only as each one of us is here to earn a living.
  2. Cleanliness and obligations of rules is another major reason.We could litter in bin in a foreign country ,but why can’t in our own nation because there is no slapping of fine by central and state governments.Chances of accident of pedestrians are very less as there is regulation of crossing the road through zebra crossing only,if we didn’t   followed this there will be fine and each one of us living in Australia is strictly following it.But we don’t want to do this in India,and caging our negative daily life habits  under high population reason is not an excuse.

       3.Our culture is famous from thousand of  years for its uniqueness and different colors of language,customs and traditions , but where we are lacking is literacy and maintenance of discipline.I liked one thing seriously in Australian culture,they greet you  first and make you feel comfortable,even if you are walking alone on road,why couldn’t we do same with the foreigners come to our country,without harming them.We are incredible but still some loopholes are pushing us backward.There might be lot of negativity in western culture but one point we must appreciate and that is discipline. They will not forcefully come in between if there is queue , if they want some thing they will ask rather than forcing themselves. Democracy doesn’t meant disrespect of government and political system for them.Even our Indian children who are studying here, will not forcefully  put colors of holi if you don’t want, they will ask first.By this instance of children I  ain’t condemning our way of celebration of festival in India, but it was different example of discipline I got to see and which startled me .

What we have ………….

        1 . As I already said our India is incredible and it’s limitations are not till saint saga  and colors of holi as displayed in COLD PLAY video but it is famous for its cuisine too.While roaming in Sydney , we had dined in many Indian restaurants specialized in North Indian & Maharashtrian cuisine,but found the secret that they are not only opened by Indians but by people from Bangladesh and Pakistan too,but they had mentioned only India in names ,which developed a sense of internal unity among divided nations and  made us proud about  impression of our country and our food on other countries ,which is very much liked everywhere .‘Make in India’ is very honorable initiative taken by our Prime Minister which could really increase our GDP and can effect our economy in positive way,but to achieve the collaboration behind , we need the above mentioned changes in our country.


I am still living in Australia and may be I will notice some more  changes till the time I will be back ,which could be positive for our India, but basically I believe if we could just focus on our work in India which we do for our living,move apart from caste,religion,racism,reservation,corruption and give priority to human skills and kindness more than anything else,no one could stop our nation from getting it converted in to developed one.Every citizen of India has responsibility of it’s development and so every citizen should suggest and follow as a whole,the changes that our nation requires,so that  we don’t need to compare it further with any developed nation.


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