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Depression #Let’stalk


Last year we heard about major sensational cases of Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide and Jia Khan’s case ,who were not just the ordinary girls but the girls who made their name in the Indian TV industry and  get failed in love life, so they gave up . Here a question arise, do they had right to give up their life for a person who just came three to four years back,without thinking about their parents who came in  life much before that or I would say don’t think about anyone but isn’t their life so precious to ruin it for someone else who didn’t understand their value and took them for granted and the answer comes ,”No, they should not

Here I will narrate a real incident to inspire how nihilism of depression could be turn bright as shine of sun when it rise.I have a friend named Anu (fictional name) who was in very much love with a  boy named  Arun(fictional name) and they were happy in their relation till one year .They both were studying till that time.Arun was very much possessive for her and slowly slowly in one way or the other he got her disconnected from her friends.Even he hacked her social media accounts for a time . He just became her world & because of his dominating nature she used to do whatever he asked her to do. He used to assault her in public,but even then she couldn’t break her  relation because she was not having any trustworthy friend at that time around her whom she could rely on. After a year both completed their college and got placement.Even after so much complications in relationship Anu wanted to marry with Arun.She got job in small marketing company ,her schedule became hectic and Arun was employed in reputed MNC and he started harassing her mentally,for  working long hours and coming late at night and not searching a better job because for him it was not a reputed one.He started judging her skills. She belonged to a middle class family,who hardly afforded her education and so she had the pressure of responsibility of doing the job ,to start her career and the most notable point is  classification of job does not exist and no one becomes CEO of an organization in  a day but Arun could not understand that .She tried to change her job,but didn’t get any by that time.Gradually the fights between Anu and Arun increased and to lessen the turmoil she resigned from her job,just to make her love relationship strong & for finding better job in terms of Arun.A week after she resigned ,Arun revealed that he  want to break up the relation as he is with another girl from last one month.Her life was totally shaken as she was jobless and heart broken and none of us was with her because we didn’t know her world’s circumstances .

She found a new job but she could not come out of her depression.People around her in hostel used to make comments and bully her as if she was responsible for her break up. But she tried hard to live .She used to weep in nights,but she didn’t give up.Even she was not getting stability in job and it was difficult to survive in those dusky days.She had to change one job and  get another one,because at one place she was not liking work and at other place she became victim of politics played by colleagues.The only support she was having was of her parents,due to which she was not having courage of taking any drastic step .Eventually after an eerie phase she got a good job with stability to step up her career and after that she never turned back.She got married to a person who understand her very well and love her more than anything else.

 She told me now about this incident of her life when we met at my home.I asked her the reason why she didn’t tell me once,but I myself understood her hesitation because she was afraid of getting judged.Her story is an inspiration for every ordinary girl/boy going through same mental trauma.Our life is precious,it is a gift by God.Life may be hell today but it could turn in to bright future .Suicide should not be counted as suicide , it is a murder which is provoked by some other person whom we loved most,society and family relatives , due to which a person never come back home ,even if he/she wants too.People need to come forward and share their depression stories to lessen the burden of their heart and mind and Deepika Padukone (Bollywood Actress)started the process last year , Thanks to her for being such a great inspiration .We all have responsibility towards our society,don’t accentuate a person more who is already facing difficulty in his education ,personal life or anything else,instead we should try to make them laugh,lighten up their life by encouraging them.Nothing is better than inspiring a person to live his/her life on their own conditions


Creative Buzz is an ambience of excitement during writing. Cherishing by optimistic thoughts on experiences every person gets through in journey called life.If you love to read varied memoirs chunks with poetry, quotes, stories having motivational message behind ,this blog is waiting for you.

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