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Her Figure Is Not To Embarrass Her

In a group of friends who were discussing the cricket match happened last night,a girl gave her opinion on the photos that got viral after cricket match when India lost .She said that there is no point to bring in Anushka between, if Virat had lost the match. Now this whole discussion turned up in an argument because a boy was not agreed with her ,though none of the other members of group interrupted between two of them.

Boy: If Anushka not had been in match ,India had the chances to win.

Girl: What about the match in which Anushka came and even then Kohli marked century.And what if a girl is unable to perform for sometime in her career ,does that mean the boy is curse on her ?

Boy:Now he didn’t had any relevant point to prove that girl wrong,so he diverted the whole discussion to body shaming of the girl and said that” you are getting fatty day by day ,you should focus on your body first,rather than showing sympathy for Anushka “.

To this girl replied : That however she is ,she love herself and no one can tarnish that spirit.She knows that she is beautiful and comfortable in her skin.

To dominate his point boy again said  : You will become hippo,if you will not take care.You will look good if you will start maintaining yourself.

Girl busted with anger and said “My figure is mine and it’s none of your business.There are people who can see beauty of my soul rather than my figure.If you don’t have the worth to prove your point right,don’t divert the topic at least “and she left.

Boy mocked about the girl in front of group feeling that he won the argument,but none of them laughed on his stupidity.


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