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A non-swimmer can also snorkel or dive for long in water, all he or she just need is fearlessness, strong willpower and good instructor…….


It was my birthday time and so my husband planned a trip to Port Stephens from Sydney for us.Port Stephens is another city in New South Wales,Australia which is known for it’s beauty of crystal clear beaches and adventurous sports.He knew that I always wanted to dive to see the beauty of aquatic world as a part of my bucket list, but I had never tried for it because I don’t know swimming and I get little panic in water.So this time he planned for snorkeling as the first step to take on before diving as special gift on my birthday and booked snorkeling tour.From that time I was anxious and afraid that what is going to happen next.I started watching videos and reading articles stating instructions regarding Do’s” and Don’ts” during snorkeling being non-swimmer and my research told me that one should know swimming to make himself or herself comfy inside water which made me more nervous .Finally the day came when we went for Snorkeling, signed the papers stating that no one is responsible for the risk we are going to take ,making me feel as if I am going on a terrible secret mission and we carried on our wetsuits ,fins and masks with snorkels(shaped tube) .Our instructor was very experienced about every sort of circumstances ,he guided very well specially to me because my husband knows swimming ,so he had the idea of the process of breathing with help of snorkel.The instructor hold my hand and asked me to put my face inside water and breathe through snorkel I kept in my mouth .At first I was not very much comfortable of course but then I relaxed and slowly slowly I went with him little deep and explored the colourful world of corals and fishes for around an hour which was an astonishing achievement for me.

All I can say through my first experience of snorkeling , that it was bewildering and what I realized is whether you are a swimmer or non-swimmer ,it does not matter ,you can definitely do snorkeling ,diving and enjoy  it literally but all you need is relaxation and willpower for getting this experience because moments will come when you will feel that you want to quit and go out of water ,but once you pacify yourself you will definitely get reward through an amazing result.


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