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Suggestion # 1

Last week when I was asking for some suggestions for my upcoming posts,a friend send me a question.

How to convince your near and dear ones for your passion that is hard to understand by them ??

Here I will be very honest with my thoughts and that is ,if you are convinced by your passion,you don’t need to convince everyone.If it is about your parents I won’t say no ,but not every one,rather than it’s better to put your energy and efforts in convincing your investors,producers,customers or who so ever you need to plant your seed of passion.We all have some goals in our life which sometimes don’t go with the career choices that our parents make for us or even we make for us.I will tell a short story of mine which is not very inspiring,but it might help to give clarity on my thoughts.

After my graduation in Biotechnology,I made my choice for MBA which was just opposite  to what I was doing before.My father was not convinced with my point and believed that I won’t be successful in landing a job after it.Even other relatives taunted that rather than expending money on higher studies,better to invest that amount in her marriage to get a good match.But I was convinced myself that I have to give it a shot ,so I prepared for some exams and got selected in some colleges.Though it took me a year to convince my father which indulged every sort of stubborn activity from not eating food to heated arguements and even my preparation for exams,but it pays off after my father was convinced . He didn’t even came along me for my admission that time,but today when he proudly mentions about me to anyone for whatever I am, then rest all becomes ,matter of past.

It doesn’t mean that every time when we go for our passion,we won’t have failures or hurdles,it’s obvious that every step we gonna take will be a challenge,but without giving it a chance,we definitely gonna regret.

My quote :

” Just have the courage to see your dreams being live “

Topic suggested by  ywwp

Thank you  for such an awesome suggestion.

Friends what do you think about this subject ?? and if you also want me to suggest any topic for upcoming post,please do it in comment section……Thanks 🙂


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15 thoughts on “Suggestion # 1

  1. I thought I will write this as an extension to your article 🙂

    There comes a time in everyone’s life, when life feels empty and directionless. Everything that we have been doing so far stops containing meaning. The mundane seems unbearable and the new is out of sight. These are the times when the soul, otherwise lying buried as our mind and heart fight, shouts at its peak.

    At these times, our desires or controls over our lives vanish. Or more apt to say, become dysfunctional, not for their own reasons but because we do not know what to do with them anymore.These are the times of transformations; greater the chaos, bigger the transformation.

    We can choose to be graceful and accepting in our times of struggle; or we can choose to be annoying and deny our miseries. Whatever that has to happen will anyway happen, our demure will only change our response to it.

    The only thing we can control, and which in its all might no less than the world itself, is our inner self. We can control how we are going to respond towards the external circumstance – when the cocoon breaks, whether we want to fly letting go of everything or slime in ourselves holding grudges – and this choice changes everything.

    P-S : Even I did my masters in Biotechnology and never followed it up (face palm)

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      1. was just waiting for your response payal.. glad you found it apt. i know talking about passion is easy but convincing is difficult .. but just do your homework and present the idea .

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