A Soldier : a Son,a Father & a Husband

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He  came home for vacations to see his mother, father

wanted to create some splendid moments,

To meet his wife and daughter

thinking this time he will take them on tour ;

The mother thought of having cup of tea with her son

and wife wanted to go to a party for fun,

The Dad wanted to discuss some global news with son

and daughter wanted to recite some poem with hon ;

But then started some warfare at border front

and he got the call to come back ,to perform duty stunts.

So a Soldier, a Son,a Father & a Husband webbed in catch – 22

for family love and motherland dove

and had to choose only one ;

The culture infused in him ,made Motherland love  his priority

not the mother who gave him love up to infinity.

Left  home with wet eyes and promising hands

in blasphemy that he will come back,

he will come back.

But did he ?

Only few wives and mothers get chance

to nod yes as  the answer.

A soldier is always an important part of every country’s system. My poetry is just an expression of what an army man’s  life go through and a little tribute to his enormous contribution in keeping our motherland safe.

Jai Hind !!!



Are you going in right direction ?

© Payal Tyagi ,Life Memoirs Blog

13 Comments on “A Soldier : a Son,a Father & a Husband

  1. This poem reminds me of the book “The Soldier: : A History of Courage, Sacrifice and Brotherhood by Darren Moore”.
    The poem provides a timely reminder of the debt we owe to our servicemen and women. Kudos Payal for penning such an amazing poem.

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