Sonnets From A Wonderful Date

0_0_productgfx_f546872e4526163120f1a3f837789497O’Love ! When I met you for the first time, grinning while staring  ;

My impalpable conscience told you are the one …… God chosen for future in writ,

The vibes amid by love and emotions, sputtering ;

The Bouquet of roses you bought with chocolates, melted my wit.

They said,….I am really fortunate and got you as gift,

I had a dream since I learnt about a feeling called love ;

Desired a person who embraces weaving of my notion,Mr.Swift

Hold my hands during bobbing of sensation,be it anger , satire or dove.

That turbulence of dreams is now soothed,because of your presence,

Splendid beauty of nature all around world need to be explored and touched .

Dear God,…..Thank thee ,for straggling magical wand in my life through Angel’s essence,

Love is in the air as it’s magic has unfurled.

O’Love !….. always be my Angel,my life will sink,if you quailed thine credence,

Will you ever get vanish ? thrash away this feeling and get me defence !

© Writings By Payal Tyagi

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