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Influencing Stories From Guest Bloggers # Part 1

Hola !!

Every blogger is himself /herself an inspiration because they already took the step forward about which many are just thinking .Each of us when started ,needed some tips ,some inspiration and a mould for conversion of our thoughts and ideas in an exquisite form and even once we become successful we need to rejuvenate.For this purpose I have started a new section ,Influencing stories Of Blogging with some tips from Guest Bloggers which would be shown in Influencing drive category of my blog and every week or once a month I will try to bring some new tips  for you from my guests as I believe ” Every blogger is unique in their way “

Here I am going to announce my first guest whom most of you might already know,she have an amazing blog and I have chosen her as my first guest because apart from her friendship she offered me motivation wherever I required in blogging.She took my Interview once in which I told that I started blogging a year before but I took it seriously from october 2016 and that was the time where I required support to know how my blog is persuading by other readers where Eni and few other bloggers who became my friends ,really supported me well and I can see the change now in my writings,in my webpage and in me as well  and also I would love to say writing is not my habit,it’s my addiction now.

A famous quote says ” Your speed doesn’t matter,forwarded is forwarded “

Source :Unknown

So dear all hold your heart beats and exhilaration as she is none other  than Okoto Enigma . If you haven’t visited her blog yet,do visit and I can give you surety that you will not regret …….. he..he

Thanks Enigma for accepting my invitation and taking out some time to answer my questions along with giving some inspirational tips for our readers and new bloggers.

Q.1  What motivated you to start blogging ??

I honestly get this question a lot, and I’ve never had a straight answer to give. I’ve always had the idea of blogging in my head; but I didn’t know how it worked so I never gave it a try. August last year, when my cousin told me he had a blog, I told me about my dream to  have my own blog, and he told me to go for it. I was a bit hesitant but I did. On September 1st last year, I created my blog with Blogger. I didn’t understand a thing so I created my blog with WP instead on September 4th and it was way better. I had no idea what I wanted to blog about; but I did whatever came to mind. September was my learning month; I used it to learn everything I could about WP. October was when my milestone began; it was a huge achievement for me. It’s been 4 months with 1k followers and a lot of blogger friends; and it has been the best four months. So what motivated me to start blogging? I don’t know; it was just a feeling, or an idea. And after a while, I went for it.

Q.2 Where do you see yourself a year after ?

Well, I could say in a mansion, with millions. But c’mon, this is real life.I’m actually working on a project, more like a business or something like that which I hope will work out soon enough. So in a year from now, which is 2018, I see myself as my own boss, making my own money, and preparing to be a full adult when I turn 20, and ready to graduate; if I haven’t. I see my blog being something that’s really popular and successful. But most importantly, I see myself with my family and those I love.

Q.3 How do you find out that a blog is astonishing? Like in terms of traffic, likes, followers or content and some tips for upcoming bloggers/beginners :

I can’t really say because based on traffic, I don’t really know about that. Based on likes, if you have loyal followers, you can post whatever and get enough likes😅 .

Based on followers, I see people with thousands of followers who barely get likes on their post. Based on content, can’t say for sure because you can post quality content and still not get likes. I just need to be captivated by somethings in the person’s post; that’s it. My advice is to be yourself. It’s your blog so post whatever you like, and don’t compare your blog to someone else’s because everyone has a unique strategy.

Thanks for this Payal❤😊

Now,the points I have noted about being successful in blogging  while talking to Enigma:

1.Always share your point,your original thoughts “Be Yourself,Be you “.A wonderful blog doesn’t get searched by other readers on the basis of it’s traffic,likes and followers on prior basis but on it’s originality of creation.

2.If are you not getting enough followers or likes,don’t get demotivated by thinking that people are not liking your blog instead focus on networking and ask other bloggers for feedback and spread your word on social media too.

3.Always try to give a positive meaning to message you are spreading.

Hope you all will enjoy reading it !!

Thought of the Day:

Don’t look back ,you are not going that way and never let the smile go off from your face.


Creative Buzz is an ambience of excitement during writing. Cherishing by optimistic thoughts on experiences every person gets through in journey called life.If you love to read varied memoirs chunks with poetry, quotes, stories having motivational message behind ,this blog is waiting for you.

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  1. Great advice.

    I call my blog an “everything blog” because I write about anything and everything. I can’t label my blog as a book blog or a lifestyle blog or anything like that, because I’m not about that in my blog. I’m just a person who indecisive, so an “everything blog” is great for me.

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