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A Walk

A walk ,if becomes habit  is serendipity

If it’s not, weight of body gets cumulative

game of snooze  get played with alarm

and  finishes off with propitious  dawn ;


There is lake in park amidst trees atop which ducks swim

crow cries sitting above with voice of grim

Some people ride bike,some run and some walk

 few just  dance in group and rock ;


A walk in the park soothes mind and thrash strain

of working,we need to go back again

But an hour of a day is worth spending out

That is what life  all about………….   🙂

© Payal Tyagi,Life Memoirs blog



Creative Buzz is an ambience of excitement during writing. Cherishing by optimistic thoughts on experiences every person gets through in journey called life.If you love to read varied memoirs chunks with poetry, quotes, stories having motivational message behind ,this blog is waiting for you.

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