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Influencing Stories & Advice from Guest Bloggers#2

Hola !!

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend ,so am I………he..he .As you all know that from last week I have started a new section which is Influencing Stories and advice from guest bloggers,so again I have come here  with  a new guest blogger and guess who she is ??

Well she is an amazing author ,a stupendous  blogger and a very sweet young girl ,so ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest of the day who is none other than Sweta Ojha.

Before moving forward I would love to  thank you Sweta for accepting my invitation and taking out your precious time for becoming a part of this exhilarating journey……….    🙂

Here comes my first question :

1.What motivated you to start blogging?

Once upon a time there lived a girl who wrote thoughts, turmoils and happiness in her diary. The first person she tortured with her works was her brother. To every work, her brother had no words of appreciation. Sometime, he’d say it’s not his genre and sometime he’d dismiss matters with an “Okay”. They lived like a happy family proud of the book she wrote early that year until one day he spoke over coffee, “Why don’t you have a blog as of yet silly?” Having said that, I never really saw myself as a blogger. I got motivated to have a blog after being able to complete writing a book. I am sure that proves how blogging to me had always been a coveted job and something I thought I’d rather not be able to pull off. But after the start, there has never been a setback and I’d say I’ve found my love for writing a solace in blogging.

2.Where do you see yourself a year after?

A year is practically too less a time to go about a settled future and yet the last year has paid me very well in terms of appreciation, love and life from people. However, a year after, I’m sure nothing changes on the daily routine. I’d be a graduate. I’d still be blogging. I see myself writing a lot which could be a book or the blog itself. I’d still be chasing the small dreams and striking them off, when achieved. Last year, I debuted as a novelist and SAVERA, our baby NGO started reaching goals. Next year, I do hope I’ll achieve more goals personally and that SAVERA would maximize efforts to spread the motto- “Spread love. Spread smile. Be the change you desire in the world.” Dreams when set as goals are my daily resolutions and I hope I find myself living more of life through these, next year.

3.How do you sift about an astonishing blog ?? Like in terms of traffic,followers or content quality and some tips for upcoming bloggers/beginners.

An astonishing blog for me is a blog that either offers varied content or has a unique point that sets it apart. I follow blogs with less than 50 followers and also those with a count over 1k, that’s how least important is the followers count for me. The content must speak out before anything else does. I am very much fond of originality,creativity and a strong view point. If a blog has any one of these, it is definitely worth your time and read. There’s always value for words in the blogging community and that is what, we should stick onto. Remember, we are here because we are dedicated to what we love. Traffic and followers will follow side by side with time As for the advice part, I’m myself a very new blogger who almost never imagined to be recognized and appreciated so well for blogging. I would rather share what I’ve learned.

There are two major points to my story –

1.You need to believe you can and be your own kind of individual. What you write speaks for you in the blogosphere. So why not create, edit and master what is yours already? You’ve got to be a reader as much as you write.

2.You learn , you interact, you grow and you prosper. That’s the basic idea.

4. Can you give us some more points of advice being an author ??

1. Writers Block is hyped. Everybody needs break and the same pattern adds stress. If you are worried about why you can’t write something, remember you write because you enjoy doing that. It should be your stress buster.

2. Ideas won’t come and ideas may get lost. Out of 100, 10 work but for that you have to think 100.

3. As for a book, people mail me regarding how they fear starting up because they cannot bring themselves to a climax. I believe, start right when you get the thought. You discover your destination while on the journey.

Thank you very much Payal for this sweet gesture. I thoroughly enjoyed answering and I hope that these words never fall short for us.

Thought of the day :

      “When you desire for something,start working for it now.There is no tomorrow”


Creative Buzz is an ambience of excitement during writing. Cherishing by optimistic thoughts on experiences every person gets through in journey called life.If you love to read varied memoirs chunks with poetry, quotes, stories having motivational message behind ,this blog is waiting for you.

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