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Influencing Stories & Advice from guest bloggers Part 3

Hey Everyone !!

Hope you are doing well !!

I knew that I took time to come back with story of a new blogger having some inspirations behind but now you don’t need to wait anymore ,so be ready to know about our new guest .She is a talented lifestyle blogger who blogs about fashion ,travel and day to day lifestyle and one thing is very common between us that she is from Delhi and I too have very strong connection with this city, so without taking much time, here I am going to announce the name of our guest of the weekend and she is none other than Ms.Falak. Many of you would already know her by the name of  MissTalkaholic blog.

1.What motivated you to start blogging?
-After writing for newspapers, magazines, and sites, I realized that I could write better for myself. Blogging gives you the freedom to write about anything & everything. You are your own boss and servant here. This is how I like to be.
2.Where do you see yourself a year after?
Within six months of blogging, I turned my free blog on WordPress to a self-hosted site, reached 2500 subscribers, got sponsors, so I surely see my blog “MissTalkaholic” grow further after 1 year.
3.How do you sift about an astonishing blog ?? Like in terms of quality, traffic, likes or followers and some tips/advice for upcoming bloggers.
-I know how much patience, hard work & dedication one needs to have to grow as a blogger, so I salute those who are the best in blogging. You earn subscribers through your hard work & you know the pain so you must praise those who are better than you. Never be jealous or be in competition with anyone.
P.S.- My little suggestion for the new bloggers is that if you really want to be good- get serious. Avoid participating in nominations all the time.

Thank you very much Falak for accepting my invitation ,taking out some time from your busy schedule and becoming a part of my Influencing stories section by giving your honest answers  🙂

Thought of the day :


 Give freedom to your words and be focused towards your goal always..
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4 thoughts on “Influencing Stories & Advice from guest bloggers Part 3

  1. Wow i just learnt a thing or two. Misstalkaholic is from Delhi??😮 secondly, Getting serious doesn’t imply refusing nominations by all means, depends on your relationship with awards. Finally, she’s an inspiration especially for people like me who really want to get serious about blogging so thanks so much for the great post 👏👍

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