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Friend as Zafu


” I am really sad because of all difficulties I am facing in my life,I am not getting promoted ,my salary doesn’t justify the hard work I put in my work,I need to buy a home which I can’t do and sometimes I feel like my life has no motive ” ,He told to his friend.

“You know you should thank to God for capabilities Β you have and you can always find other options to get what you want ,sometimes time doesn’t work according to our effort, but that doesn’t mean that we get anxious and stop trying.Also when you feel that you don’t have motive in life, try to help those who don’t have education to find work , who can’t afford a place to buy on rent even and who don’t have food to eat”, his friend said.

This is just a piece of fiction but I think Β if every friend,parent,teacher,boss will act as zafu, helping his/her friend/colleague/children in realising the importance of their life by showing them facets of positivity when they need it most then stress, depression and suicide like terms will be rarely heard.

Thought of the day :

When ever you feel that you are the most unhappy person on earth, look around yourself and you will find people who have many more reasons of grief but still they manage to smile and think positive.

Β© Payal Tyagi,Writings By Payal Tyagi


Creative Buzz is an ambience of excitement during writing. Cherishing by optimistic thoughts on experiences every person gets through in journey called life.If you love to read varied memoirs chunks with poetry, quotes, stories having motivational message behind ,this blog is waiting for you.

41 thoughts on “Friend as Zafu

  1. You’re such an amazing writer. I love reading and writing motivational posts! Yours was truly amazing.
    I would like to link your post to mine.. if that’s okay with you πŸ™‚
    Amazing post. Keep writing! Keep inspiring! ❀️
    -much love, xo!

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