Cheers !! It’s time for celebration….


As I always tell that I started taking my blog seriously from October 2016 and I feel that since then my every effort pays off, though it’s not like that I was writing absurd before but blogging was not my focus.I was not writing on regular basis and there was no goal setting.Doesn’t matter if I have 1000 follows or not on word press now but when people stop by on my blog ,read the posts and appreciate if they like them, that matters to me a lot.

So cheers to every single person who encouraged me .

I would also like to share good news  that my blog is on News Republic too and the love people are giving me there is praiseworthy.


This is my stats on News Republic within three months as I joined there in December 2016


Number of my regular readers.

Social media is the most significant platform for spreading awareness about  work. I recently made page of my blog on Facebook because earlier I was hesitating in bringing out my blog in front of people whom I know ,but I was wrong .Most of my friends supported me and well praised my efforts and there are people who are not followers on my page but still they come and read my posts ,that’s what we all want.


Stats of the last week

All I believe is ” We should put our soul in to our passion ,only then it get life “.

Happy Blogging !!

Cheers !!

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