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Know Your Purpose

there-are-two-great-days-in-a-persons-life   discover-your-life-purpose

The one who survive in  drastic situations are not the one’s with most money and strength but the one’s who have something to live for ,wrote by Victor Frankl’s in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning” .

Have you ever gave  a thought ,that what’s your purpose of existence ?? We all have come in this world with some objective but sometimes  a thin line  get drawn between existence and realisation of purpose which makes people blur in their minds. There are people who just live their own life, become selfish and leave  this earth without doing anything for anyone , these sort of people get forgotten  much early then people who work and earn for themselves  too but with a difference.Like Lady Gaga said once,

” I don’t want to  make money,I want to make difference “.

That difference is leaving a positive impact.So the whole discussion is not about getting remembered but very much about impact by doing an effort to change someone else’s  life which make a person more successful  .

Even if a Entrepreneur makes a product that doesn’t serves the purpose of it’s existence, people don’t buy it.

So to make it more clear some of the aphorism from successful people

  who says ,

1. Family is everything ,

2.Superhuman work ethic #hustle and #grind  & Find your meaning and make it count  ~ Scooter Braun

3.What ever your purpose is, strive for it  ~ Justin Bieber from his album ” Purpose “.

4. Find a way to make an impact that is tied to business ~ Greg Propper ,Co-founder Propper Daley

5. There is nothing good about fame until it inspire others  ~ Russell Simmons .

6. Feel the good in people and inspire them to take action ~ Ahmen, Pop Artist

Have a wonderful day !!


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