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Shouldn’t We Celebrate Men’s and Women’s Day Together ??


Free-Download-Plain-Wallpaper-HDWhat all a woman can do ?? a question raised by many ,

As a mother, she  do multitasking

from giving birth to nurturing ;

As a  sister ,she  fight and care for her brother

from  school to studying, career to marrying ;

As a wife ,she becomes sort of another mother

from cooking to washing, from loving to guiding, from office to accounting ;

As a daughter, she can do all when  required

from business handling to car driving, from medication to home buying ;

As a friend she becomes a pillow ,

from consoling to encouraging ;

What  all a man can do ,had never been the question

There are some other faces of a woman too;

A Feminist,An Independent,A  Dominant,A  Victim ,A Survivor and  An Accused

As all men are unlike, likewise  all women are not same

What actually should be treated equal is virtue of being human

Because women just don’t need a single day to celebrate their power of existence

Every day is our’s

So respecting Men’s and Women’s Equality and Existence

rather than celebrating Women’s Day and Men’s Day


This is the time to celebrate World Humanity Day.

© Writings By Payal Tyagi


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32 thoughts on “Shouldn’t We Celebrate Men’s and Women’s Day Together ??

  1. Hey, great post 👏 I agree on celebrating world humanity day, but is there truly an equality out there? Don’t be blinded by your reality that isn’t the real, down to earth reality of many out there. It isn’t about equality but consideration. That we should stopped being considered as wives or mothers before individuals with her own ambitions and views different from that accepted by society. Please do think about it 😊

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    1. I think you didn’t get my point dear.See what I wanted to convey is that we are at a level now where our equality does not need to depend on other’s thinking and we just don’t need a single day to celebrate women’s power but the whole year ,whole decade and era is ours.If before gender ,humanity will be given priority then equality word will be removed from our society’s dictionary.Still there are countries where no one wants to understand the existence of women and don’t believe in keeping them equal and you know why it is because they think them as their slaves not another human .This is my whole point of discussion 🙂

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      1. Mmm great point made 👏 Yes there I definitely agree with you, it’s very true, saddening but real 🙇 Anyways thanks for taking your time to enlighten me 😇 Take care 💐

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      1. Yes I did get your point and thanks for taking your time to making it crystal clear for me, I really do appreciate it 😊 A better weekend to you too dear 😁 Take care 💐

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  2. Thanks for the comment on my ‘women’s day’ post. Humanity Day – good. But we still need a day to celebrate women in their own right and will do until they are accorded the same ‘status’ as men everywhere; we’re still a very long way off that!

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    1. Sir that day will never come specially in third world countries because still there will be people who will be chauvinistic ,it’s all about mentality .We have women since old history who did great work but still there was male dominancy, now in current century when woman have came so far still they are facing dominancy in one way or other.So that’s why my thought was that don’t see a woman like woman see her as a human ,as many men see themselves. Sir people respect only for the day then they forget that still they are abusing women in public, so what’s the point of such celebration.
      Thanks for reading my post and giving your valuable feedback Sir.Hope I had been able to convey my point in front of you and it was my pleasure to see that you are different from that crowd. Have a wonderful weekend Sir 🙂


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