Working woman or homemaker-Both are worth praising

“Dear daughter, I want you to become a working woman and be independent because a homemaker like me who don’t earn money, always get in ears a word called liability”, a mother said to her daughter.

“Mom, the hard work that you had put in our upbringing and making this home beautiful is nowhere less than the effort I will put after being a working women or Papa had put to make our life comfortable and the words you have heard were because of patriarchal thinking  and you know what, you can start  earning now as well,” the daughter said.

“But my time has gone and I can’t work for someone at this age.”

“Mom, age is just a number, it’s time to give exposure to your talent of creativity which is not at all difficult in this world of digitization.”

To all the mothers-“Let your age be just a number and not an obstacle in acheiving your dreams.”

© Payal Tyagi

10 Comments on “Working woman or homemaker-Both are worth praising

  1. Great post. I never understood the feud between working women or home-makers. I say, to each his own. By the way, the daughter in the story was right age is just a number 🙂

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  2. Hi Payal !
    And I’m glad that you visited my blog!
    I hope our virtual dialogue to be from now on permanently for mutual information!
    Good luck in all you want to do! 🙂
    A pleasant weekend! 🙂
    Aliosa ! 🙂

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