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I am thankful tag !!

I would like to say thanks to Sun and Moon for nominating me for this tag. Thank you  for your love  🙂 and guys don’t forget to have a look on their laudable blog.

So here are the rules of the tag which nominees need to follow, alterations are also allowed if you crave for writing more..he.he  :

1.Name 3 things you are thankful for :

 a).Love and support of my Parents : I had been very blessed to have parents who had been there for me every time.Without their support I couldn’t have been what I am today , though it’s a responsibility of every parent but still I feel that I have many reasons for being thankful to them.

  b) Faith in God : I know many people don’t believe in existence of God but I have a strong faith. I heartily felt that there had been many situations in my life where I could have trapped very badly but there was some invisible support around who saved me from the mess and lead me to the right path . So God has been one of my best teacher, my guide always and I wish it keep going till I take my last breath on this earth.

 c) Finding life long friend in my husband : Before marriage I always had been in the fear of  non compatibility with my partner  specially because of male chauvinism in our society and I had been a daughter who was given more liberty of thoughts than my brother, so all thanks once again goes to my parents whose choice I followed .

Though there are many things for which I am thankful but I have summarized them in these three mentions as a whole.

2.Nominate some fellow bloggers to continue the TAG :

My feelings My freedom


Nderi Sarah

Vikas Jatav

Anusha Sridharan

Jacqui Murray

I  had a very long list in my mind but I could nominate only few, so feel free to participate even if you are not nominated.

3.Device a logo for your tag :


Never let smile fall off from your face.


Creative Buzz is an ambience of excitement during writing. Cherishing by optimistic thoughts on experiences every person gets through in journey called life.If you love to read varied memoirs chunks with poetry, quotes, stories having motivational message behind ,this blog is waiting for you.

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