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Influencing stories and advice from guest bloggers : Part 4


Hello Fellas,

I know weekend is the time when each one of us becomes lethargic and believe in taking rest in different ways like traveling to a place or sleeping whole day or cooking some delicious recipes or writing excerpts of an unpublished book or just relaxing and not doing anything etc. and yes we as humans definitely have the right to do that. So to make the atmosphere cool , I am coming again  with another part of Influencing stories and advice from  a new guest blogger. Well she is the one who is known for her fictional and non-fictional stories which gives strong message , not taking much time I am just going to announce her name and she is none other than Purva Narang . Surely give a visit to her blog.

Thanks Purva for accepting my invitation and taking out time for giving answers to my questions for this episode  🙂

So here comes the questions for you :

1. What motivated you to start blogging ??

 Purva :That quote by William Wordsworth” Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”. I am embraced with lots of hobbies like music, painting and many more but none of them has given me as much satisfaction as blogging does.

  2. Where do you see yourself a year after ??

Purva : To a more better blogger and of course a better writer. We do learn so many new things everyday, everywhere and every time so as in blogging something we learn from others and vice versa.I have started blogging in the end of August 2016 and fortunately I think I have achieved more in short time, I mean more than 1k followers, more than 15k views and many comments too. That is great because a blogger is nothing without it’s visitors, viewers and commenters those appreciate to write more and more.

3. What  tips and piece of advice you want to give to other bloggers ??

Purva : Though I know I am not such a professional blogger and many of you can be more better than me but I can share what I think just write what you want unless thinking what others are. If you love what you are writing then only others will love , as content is the golden key. And secondly, it’s a give and take phenomenon if you read other blogs, comment on them then only others are interested in doing the same, haha. .Thank you very much.I really enjoyed giving answers.

Well Purva , I totally agree with your tips and advice and I am overwhelmed by making you part of this section.

So let’s finish it with Thought of the Day :

Keep writing and improve your content quality ,it will surely reach to others .
Content is the key…



Creative Buzz is an ambience of excitement during writing. Cherishing by optimistic thoughts on experiences every person gets through in journey called life.If you love to read varied memoirs chunks with poetry, quotes, stories having motivational message behind ,this blog is waiting for you.

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