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Scars can’t be mend

Make Love Not Scars- nidokidos_group (1)-74424050872-4826737

Love was immense when it started between them,

entirely sweet and magical ;

soon it turned abusive and dominant,

and  she started frightening with his actions,

thought  parting of their ways ;

But this hurted his ego , he decided to take revenge,

and  it all just ended with her burnt face.


Don’t force anyone to love you ,love is a blessing  and if some one has cheated on you just remember revenge is not the solution as Karma comes back, says the law of universe.

~Payal Tyagi


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36 thoughts on “Scars can’t be mend

  1. im against such inhuman acts .. how can person do such nasty things with someone whom he loved.. or its just not love at all.. its some crazy obsession .. it is excruciatingly painful to suffer that attack

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      1. i know.. for the victim i say , “never lose hope on life just because something like this happened .. lead a world class life , overcome and pursue the pain so that you can be a motivation to many others like you”

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  2. This was painful to see the first time I saw it, Payal, but now I can come back and appreciate the horror this young lady suffered. It’s atrocious when this kind of violence is committed.

    People always say “things happen.” And I feel tense whenever I hear that because this thing didn’t happen to her. Violence was perpetrated on her and people mostly do not ever want to say the real words.

    I appreciate your work in putting these messages out there. Your blog is so instructive to many of life’s issues most people would rather avoid. ❥

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