How to increase traffic on your word press blog?

When I started my blog, little I knew that a blog is not just for penning down the words, rather it’s for spreading those words to millions of people too. But how it needs to be done? I didn’t have any idea about it and didn’t know to whom should I ask. So I have learned my lessons in a hard way. Nowadays, I get emails and messages from some new bloggers asking about advice on getting traffic on site. Based on my experience, here are the following tips of advice, which may help :

1.Understand your motive:

When you start the blog, first of all, you need to understand the purpose of the writing. What message you want to convey to the readers? Do you just want to make them laugh by writing some hilarious stuff or want to spread positivity? Whatever be the motive, it must be clear to you. If it is not, then ask yourself this question, write the answer on a paper for your understanding and proceed.

2. Word Press Themes:

I would thank Word Press for offering themes from free to premium, due to which if anyone can’t afford the premium one, at least the person has the provision of choosing the free theme. Here my suggestion is, choose the theme for your website wisely because color and background show the perspective of the blog and intrigues the readers.


The font is very important for the presentation of a blog. While writing, focus on the font type, because if the font of the body would be bigger than heading, definitely it will look absurd.


Start interacting with other bloggers of your genre in the blogger community by reading and commenting on their posts as that will give you more clarity to thrive your blog.

5.Social Media:

Spread the word on all the social networking sites without having the fear of being judged. Let your friends and family know about your work as they may help you in spreading the word further. Social media will expand your reader base and this will surely help you in getting more traffic on the website as well.


Be punctual in writing and make a schedule of publishing the posts. It can be once in a day, or twice in a week or thrice in a month as per your convenience and demand of your audience. When people look forward to reading more of your posts, you need to take care of their curiosity and enthusiasm.

7.Have Patience:

Patience is the main key to thriving the path of success. Some people may get an impressive number of views and followers within a few months and some may take more than a year to reach there, it’s all about time zone, sincerity, and determination. Don’t lose hope, you never know when you become the star. Just follow your passion and endure it with the implementation of different strategies.

© Payal Tyagi

Strive hard and keep hoping to achieve the goal! Thanks for reading 🙂

23 Comments on “How to increase traffic on your word press blog?

  1. Very inspiration! Thank you for the tips 😉
    I would love to know your comments about my post. Thank you. Cheers

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  2. Hi! Thanks for the post, helped a lot. Would love if you could spare a little time to check out my blog, just started a few weeks back. Thanks

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