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Self guided tour for spending weekend in Melbourne,Australia

I had not been physically to many countries but viewed many locations in photographs and after being in Australia for more than a year I found that this country is a combination of every sort of place a traveler could fantasise for, in his basket of dreams.It have islands, beaches, mountains, landscapes and beautiful cityscapes of architectural buildings . Till now I have explored various parts of states in Australia like New South Wales , Victoria and Queensland while living in Sydney and I feel that I have seen many countries just in this single continent out of the whole world . I felt like the dream of maundering at places which we had seen in Yash Chopra movies of Bollywood have come true now….he..he . My Indian readers will definitely understand what I mean and for others, Yash Raj Chopra is one of the famous director who made movies of romance genre in Bollywood and he used to shoot his movie  and songs at some beautiful locations all around the world . One of the movie is Salaam Namaste that had been shot in Melbourne.

Anyways coming back to the point , in Melbourne if you are planning to spend a weekend  or two nights and you have no idea from where to start from ,you can surely follow non exhaustive self guided tour which includes plethora of walk and some transportation by train and trams too . For travelling by train and trams ,myki card is required which is available at every 7/11 store and it can be recharged as per convenience.

Melbourne City : Melbourne sensational cityscape is dotted with amazing architecture include graffiti art buildings, neoclassical facades and contemporary towers. So after landing in Melbourne, there are five top attractions in and around city which a person should visit .

a. Brighton Beach : I have seen many beaches in Australia but this beach is different not because of beauty of waves but due to it’s coloured bathing boxes as it can be seen in the picture..For reaching here take a direct train from flinder’s street station till Brighton if staying in CBD and you will find the beach opposite the station road once you will step out.Start walking from beach to coloured bathing boxes and you will surely enjoy the walk on bay side.

Image result for brighton beach boxes

Sunset at Brighton Beach

2. St.Kilda Beach : St.Kilda beach is one of the  most popular beach in Melbourne and have very beautiful coastal walk  . After walking  from the St.Kilda pier and passing through St.Kilda Marina , a beautiful landscape with tiny hilltop comes .The view from that point is worth watching and it sheds tiredness from body. The shore of this beach is appropriate and favourite for all sports activities.

And if you are a lover of sweet goodies then walk towards Acland street and you will find many European bakery shops for eating different sort of cakes and macarons.


Here  parachutes can be viewed amidst clouds and in downside road people do cycling and skating.


Three variety of cakes we ate …

3. Southgate bridge and walk across Yarra river (See more in less time): 

This is the best place to spend evening in the city.Melbourne has a unique beauty of trams as a mode of transport in the city and sometimes transit by tram is free if you are travelling in free zone where you don’t need to touch on and off Myki card .Take a tram till shrine of remembrance ,visit it  and start walking back from there , you will pass through many attractions of the city from Swanston street to Flinder’s lane like arts centre , National Gallery of Victoria ,botanical garden, Flinder’s street station, Federation square and St.Paul Cathedral church.You can also enjoy city views on traditional  horse cart if you don’t prefer to walk .



Take the downstairs from Swanston street and start walking towards Southgate bridge, the one which can be seen in mid of Yarra river. During night this view become more awesome in sizzling lights.


View from Federation Square ….

Old Trams looks more sophisticated for enjoying journey

4. Hosier Lane Art  and other attractions : Mostly tourists prefer to stay in hotels and apartments of in and around CBD as it is centre of all attractions ,transport modes and popular rooftop bars. Collins street ,Bourke street and King’s street are the most popular ones as they are near to every sort of restaurants, tram and railway stations . So either take a walk depending on the area you are staying or take a tram till flinder’s lane and move towards Hosier lane. Even if you are not an art lover ,I am sure you will fall in love with this Graffiti artwork and every art has some depiction in it which keeps you engaging.

After completing Hosier Lane move back towards Flinder’s lane and walk ,you will find various other attractions on your way.


5. Melbourne Star Observation Wheel : Have you ever dreamt of going to London Eye  and looking city from there ?? If yes then don’t forget to go for spin  here . It’s an astonishing feeling of gazing the city while standing or  sitting on the deck which is rotating and when it reach on the top , the view becomes incredible.I will suggest to book tickets online as you can easily avail great percent of discount

Melbourne Cricket Ground :  This is an extra option  specially for the cricket lovers or those who wanna explore the history  and world of cricket. For this a tour can be booked offline at the stadium itself ,only you need to check it’s  availability online for particular date.

PS : All images can’t be reserved for copyrights.

“ The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” ~ Saint Augustine


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