Writer’s Block


It happens with every writer,

when they try to knit the sweater,

of muses designed in mind,

which while penning down doesn’t bind.

Sometimes they rummage for notions around search engine,

then try to  shot the words from mind’s gun;

however, pouring of  thoughts sometimes get lock,

that is the world of writer’s block.

27 Comments on “Writer’s Block

  1. True one. Writers plans to write but most of the times eventually just stand out even without writing a single word. I guess that’s the writers paradise.

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  2. True Payal, Writer’s block is the worst form of nightmare. And every writer comes up with some way to tackle it. I have come up with mine, I have made him a fictional character, with which I converse. If you don’t mind reading about it, you can search for Ribo in my blog. What methods to you have to tackle Writer’s block?

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