Vivid – A festival of lights and themes in Sydney

How many of you have heard about the Vivid festival which is celebrated amidst May and June every year? This festival is a specialty of Sydney and people from all parts of Australia and overseas travel this time to Sydney to get fascinated by the spectacular views of architectural buildings and topmost attractions. This festival is just not popular because of the lights and colors but due to the creativity of themes too. Every year the themes will be different. Either a theme gives a message or it exhibits some art. Rather than putting any more words of applause now, let me just present some of the mesmerizing images of topmost attractions of Circular Quay, Sydney for your better understanding.

VIVID Sydney 2017

Harbour Bridge and view of the city.


On the wall of Harbour Bridge -The EORA ( Depiction of Aboriginals )


The Shining of Opera House in Vivid colours ( View from the cruise )

Vivid Sydney 2017, Harbour Lights. 26/5/2017
Photo James Horan/Destination NSW

Another view of Opera House and the crowd from top .

VividSydney2017_MCA_OrganicVibrations_Destination NSW_James Horan 0005

Organic vibrations on ‘The Art Gallery’ in The Rocks, Circular Quay.


“Freedom of movement” at The Rocks


This building gave pain in the neck while we were noticing its height.


This image witness the excitement in people.Every one is busy in clicking pictures  and capturing moments.



Hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

Never let smile fall off from your face.

7 Comments on “Vivid – A festival of lights and themes in Sydney

  1. You’ve got some nice pics! I went there as well (more than welcomed to check my blog on it) and it’s just so busy!!! But defiantly love this event and it’s the second year I’ve been to it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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