Schools are no more the temples of education


“Since the time Rubina started going to new school, she ain’t enjoying her school days and most of the time making excuses for staying at home. I am afraid, what could be the reason for this drastic change?”, her mother told her neighbor, whom daughter Neha is Rubina’s classmate.

“My daughter also told me that Rubina doesn’t talk  much in class and  teachers insult her sometimes for not doing homework and clamming up in class, whenever teacher ask a question, probably this could be the reason of the excuses she makes, for not going to school.”

“But at least she should be interested in making new friends, even Neha ain’t her friend. Doesn’t Neha like her company?”

“Sorry, I have never conversed about it with Neha, so I can’t tell. But you can directly ask her.”

“Yeah, I need to find out the solution of this puzzle.”

Suddenly the bell rang ……

“Ah! Someone is there at the door, I think it must be Neha. I will just come.”

“Yeah Sure!”

“Hey, Mom, Why you took so much time in opening the door?” Neha asked her mother.

“Beta, I was just talking to Meeta Aunty (Rubina’s Mom). She is here. Go and meet her, I will bring you juice.”

“Hi Aunty, How are you? ”

“I am good beta, how are you? How is your school going?”

“I am fine Aunty and school is  phenomenal.”

“Seems you enjoy a lot in school.”

“Yeah Aunty, I really love going to school. I am a favorite of my teachers and have really great friends in school.”

“Oh! That sounds so perplexing.”

“Why Aunty?”

“Because none of this is happening with Rubina, that’s the reason beta, I am sitting here. Can you tell me why Rubina feel so isolated in school that she doesn’t enjoy spending time in school?”

“Aunty as far I know, nobody wants to talk to her in class.”

“Why?” (Meeta was stopped dead after listening to this.)

“Because most of the time she doesn’t give answers when teachers ask her something. The only subject she loves is Arts. So other subject teachers ordered the classmates to stay away from her.”

“What? This is happening to her and she never told me about it. How teachers can teach children such a forbidden act? I need to talk with the Principal about it.

Thanks for your help Beta.”

“No problem Aunty but I think it’s Rubina’s fault as she is not concentrating on her studies and so teachers don’t like her.

Neha’s mom stared at her, gesturing for not behaving this way. But she ignored.

And I have also heard from classmates that Rubina belongs to poor family and that’s why she is like this.”

“What? Oh My God! Is that also the point to consider? Neha beta, I don’t know whether you will get my point or not, but it could be vice-versa. Maybe she doesn’t like her teachers and that’s why she doesn’t focus on other subjects apart from arts. Since the ancient ages, teachers had the history of being partial on the basis of the background of children, so why can’t they would be now (crying on her daughter’s ordeal.)

Rubina’ s father was a Farmer and he wanted his daughter to be in a top school of the city so that she may receive a quality education and reach a level where they couldn’t but little did they know that schools also judge students on basis of father’s occupation.

My Opinion:

I agree with the fact that competition should be there in schools, but what kind of competition is this, where a child become a loser, in judgement  of other people on the basis of family background?

Why teachers can’t treat every child equally, irrespective of the fact whether the student is concentrating on the studies or not? Isn’t their responsibility to check what’s wrong with the child and how he or she can improve, rather than just treating the students badly?

It is always said that, “schools days are best.” But  it’s a wrong statement for those children who don’t get a  second chance, when they remain unable to prove themselves in the first.

This is the reason why children come under stress and anxiety at such a age when they  should live their life care free.

Thanks for reading and please share your feedback.

16 Comments on “Schools are no more the temples of education

  1. Really true !!!! I have noticed this myself when I visited a NGO where children were being judged because of their background!!!! It is a point to be brought out rather than concealing it!!! Children must have themselves being judged by their efficiency rather than other factors! It is an eye opener

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