Four tips you should follow if you lack lucidity in verbal communication




Have you ever encountered the problem of lucidity while communicating with other people either at the workplace or in social circle who misunderstood your point most of the time because you were unable to express yourself precisely and so every time after such conversation you felt disappointed? If yes, then you would be always thinking that what should be the solution. Well, there are a few easy tips which can be followed:

1. Don’t stop explaining:

Whenever you get trapped in such conversations and presentations, don’t lose hope. If people don’t get your point at a very first time, be patient and explain it again rather than leaving the conversation in between.

2. Observe the bottleneck points:

Every time when you go through such circumstances, observe the bottleneck points. For example if you are experiencing problem in explaining to your Boss what you did in your project, even after knowing the answer then next time write down all the points of problems you had faced in your explanation and try to find whether it’s because of the language problem or due to a lack of knowledge, solve it accordingly and rehearse before the next discussion with your Boss, if you can.

3. Take stand for yourself:

If someone tries to impose his or her thinking on you because they think you don’t have a valid point to explain, don’t worry, if you know why you are right, stick to your point without hesitating. In case, if you know there is a flaw, accept it because you don’t need to win every conversation. For example, if people ask you why you are still not married even at the age of 30 which is very late as per the other person then explain to them, that you believe in living your life at your own conditions rather than following standard bar of getting married before thirty even if they say you should do it.

4. Talk less, listen more:

Most of the times we couldn’t give the right answer because of the lack of clarity in knowledge about the topic. So talk less, listen more and react accordingly.

Let me know what you think could be done more if a person faces a hurdle in putting their point forward while conversing.

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