Five things you should do while traveling from India to Australia on Skill-457

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Since I came back from Australia I haven’t been following my schedule of writing. Yeah I know it’s a lame excuse but for me after migrating, adjusting to a new environment is a time taking process. Anyways now I am settled in my old routine and so I am back with an informative post which may be required because the rate of immigration from India to Australia is high these days. But when students and employees travel there they usually don’t get guidance on what things should be carried along and what not. Same happened with me one and a half year before. I searched for blogs and informative posts regarding traveling instructions but failed to find the appropriate one. As I was going with my husband whose organization was sending him for a long-term project, I realize that if someone would have told me about the things I could buy in Australia I would not have carried the ancillary stuff due to which I couldn’t bring back many things I wanted to. So if you are going temporarily  for  a year or more and believe in bringing some imported stuff back, these are my instructions for you:

1. Don’t carry pressure cooker and other utensils: When I was packing my bags everybody suggested me to carry a pressure cooker and some utensils as it difficult to buy one. But it’s untrue. The only thing you need to do is find suburbs where most Indian people live. For instance, in Sydney, you can find all utensils in some Indian supermarkets of suburbs like Parramatta and Harris Park.

2. Don’t carry Indian spices, oils, and ghee: Even if you don’t live in suburbs having the majority of Indians you can find a section of Indian food and spices in hypermarkets like Woolworths at some locations, otherwise you can shop it from Indian grocery stores there. Yeah, you will find them little expensive in dollars especially spices as compare to Indian currency but it would be fine if you don’t prefer to fall in comparison.

3. Carry half of the clothes and footwear as per your requirement: Who would not like to shop from another country especially when you can get them at cheap prices either from brands like H&M on sale or from big retail stores like Target and K-MART.

4.Must carry ethnic wears and Indian clothes: For those who wear Indian dresses on daily basis, it’s better to carry them from India because they are expensive in foreign countries especially if you are going for a year or so. Even the people who prefer western wear, it’s better to carry a few because festivals are celebrated there too.

5. Keep your cosmetics, nail cutters in check in bags only.

Have I missed any point to mentioning here? Kindly let me know in the comment section.

“Australia has an increasingly multicultural society” – Julie Bishop

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