Seven steps for remaining strong and getting over from break up

Yes, I am flustered…………………………….

Relationships are made for living happily with a person whom you love the most. But what if those relations become complicated? What if threads of trust in a relationship get a break? or What if the other person has taken you for granted? I think in all such cases the answer would be it’s better to get rid of such relationship, Right? But it’s not that easy to detach the strings of emotional connection. That’s why phase of breakup become difficult to bear and most people go through depression. So, it won’t be a great suggestion if I would say once you break up, forget everything in a second. But yes there are few other steps which may help in self – recovery :

  1. Don’t make alcohol your best friend: Not every but most men and women choose this ubiquitous path of DevD so that they may sleep well, could easily forget the person and pain of relationship. But that doesn’t happen, instead, this way may make you lost deep in the black hole from which you wanted to come out.

When you are happy consuming alcohol might be fun but when you are sad ,it becomes an addiction.

2. Don’t hesitate in asking for help because your life is important: If you don’t have any trustworthy friend or family person with whom you may share about your circumstances to come out from the situation, take the help of Counselors. I know there is a societal stigma attached to it as most people think that a person only takes help of wellness coaches and psychologists when they go through some sort of mental disorder. But it’s not true. This phase is so sensitive that one should take care of his /her mental health along with physical well-being and thanks to technology as there are many AI platforms in mental health care nowadays, where one can take help online in an anonymous way too.


3. Go for a trip and plan for some adventurous activities: Try to change your surroundings by planning a trip with your friends or family. If you like traveling, this is the best naturopathy to make yourself feel better.

4. Join some classes for leisure: Yoga is the best therapy for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing at a time, apart from this one can join activities like swimming, dance, and music to relax mood and sustaining the inner confidence.

It is said that when people feel good about their physique, they become more confident about themselves too.

5. Focus on your long-term goals: You might have made some long-term goals with the person who is not in your life anymore but that doesn’t mean that your other goals have been devastated too. This is the time when you can focus more on your career and may become a legend or may give your precious time to those people who are always standing behind you, no matter what.

6. Not every breakup become the end of the story: This point is very important because it is not necessary that if you have been through break up in your relationship once, you can’t patch up. If the duo of a love story feels really connected with each other but they broke up due to family issues or some ego factor, then they need to stand strong with each other forgetting the ego because if they are together then no one can come between them.

7. Forget the bitter moments of past from your life by flushing them off from your mind and forgive people for the sake of treasuring the sweet moments.

Thank you for reading!

“Sometimes it’s important to let go the wrong person so that the right one may come in your life at the right time.”

©Payal Tyagi

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  1. Beautiful post Payal 😊. What you have said is absolutely true. Really motivating post. I just loved it so much !!

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