Delhi – A city of history & India Gate

I don’t belong to Delhi, however, my connection is a bit strange with this city. I lived here for some time in childhood and then I came again for my post graduation and I still remember the first day when I entered, the dreams I had in my eyes and the promise I made to myself. It’s bizarre that a city which doesn’t belong to you make a more strong connection with you and you decide that you will do whatever it will take to prove your worth. It never happened to me after that though I had been to many places. I am still proud of my work and the challenges I fought with. But last month when I went there after a quite long time, I felt that Delhi is not the same as it was, but a place which still touches my heart is India Gate. Fifteen to twenty minutes walk from Central Secretariat metro station to India Gate and having Bhelpuri there and Ice Cream cone while coming back always made my day and still the enthrallment was same especially during dusk. If someone really wants to explore the reality of Indian culture and heritage, should visit this place. Either you might find some people doing the candlelight march for the brave martyr or you will find the men and  women in Rajasthani attire selling artistic ornaments or if you are lucky enough to get the passes of Republic Day and Independence Day Parade, you will surely feel proud of India and it’s capital city, even if you are not a citizen of it. And the icing on the cake is the long road towards Rashtrapati Bhavan, from India Gate. I will share some pictures to articulate my words.


The beautiful cloud formation all around the India Gate and the three flags amidst are of Army,Navy and Airforce.



The women in traditional attire  having conversation.


The sun is preparing to set in the clouds and Rashtrapati Bhavan has been silhouetted against the sky.

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