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Time for another shout out !!


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Hey Friends !!

Hope you are doing well. Finally the day has come when my blog has crossed 500 followers   .Yeah you might feel bizarre that what’s the big deal in achieving such number because there are many new bloggers who claim to reach at this level very soon after they start.But here I would ask you a question before writing anything further . Have you asked a turtle how it feels when he slowly and steadily wins the race ?? Here  that turtle is me ,though I had not been part of any race in blogging with others, as we all are on same boat on word press , but still I am enthralled by this achievement because my continuity and hard work paid off I believed, and I am at upper level from what I had before .Though my writings got 511 followers today, but my viewers are more than it since from long time, people liked my work and gave feedback about my blog which is the my biggest motivation.So thanks to all readers.

I started this blog with the feeling that I may help others in healing,I may represent optimism in different situations of life and my writings may influence the bright side of people, not sure  if I had been able to do  much but somewhere your feedback reflect my vision and mission.

There is another good news that I have been nominated this time for a new award which is The Versatile blogger award by Maya Bhat . She has a very amazing blog so make sure that you visit her through the link .


So here are the rules to follow after accepting the nomination :

  1. Thank the blogger who has nominated you and share his or her link.
  2. Nominate 10 or less than 10 other blogger friends for this award with their link.
  3. They must be informed about it.

I am making a slight change in the rule by making it an open nomination this time ,so feel free to claim it .You all deserve it.

Now Maya has forwarded the question, which ask some facts about me :

  1. When I am good ,I am really good but if someone  poke me with bad intention, then they may see my worst side.

  2. I believe in hope, first or last doesn’t matter until I have the gut feeling.

  3. There is nothing which I can’t do, all I need is patience and strong focus.

  4. I love by heart not by mind .

  5. For people whom I love the most , I can do anything for them in my limit and even beyond.

Thanks for reading !!


Creative Buzz is an ambience of excitement during writing. Cherishing by optimistic thoughts on experiences every person gets through in journey called life.If you love to read varied memoirs chunks with poetry, quotes, stories having motivational message behind ,this blog is waiting for you.

34 thoughts on “Time for another shout out !!

      1. Yes I totally agree with you ,
        I think I was wrong , there are two types of people
        First ones are those those are writing here for hobby sake
        And second ones are trying to be a regular blogger so it is tough to write a full length or complete article everyday so that’s why they try to interact with their readers by writing such posts .
        Thanks you !

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