Don’t Assume!

Don’t assume………..

Fill the broken poetry with your lines in the comment section…

Let’s play this creativity game and get to know about each other’s thoughts  😊😊😊

Thanks for reading!

17 Comments on “Don’t Assume!

  1. That I have stopped loving you.
    When it rains,
    I still think of your name.
    When I cross a road,
    I wonder if there’s some other hand,
    That you now hold.
    When silence fills my soul,
    I wonder, where all your stories have gone.

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  2. Don’t assume it’s all over when you have barely began.

    Don’t seek shelter for rain under a scorching sun.

    Don’t take blows cause you assume that you’re on your own.

    Just stay bold cause everything, you can handle….


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  3. ….
    I know, you wanna know me,
    Yet when I narrate-
    Don’t assume unfilled pages,
    Don’t imagine unfilled days
    Because I miss them intentionally….
    Yet I know you will know me!!
    But don’t assume…unless,
    Unless you know me!!

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