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Balcony Cafe – A new concept

Hey friends,

How are you all ?

I would apologize for not being much regular like I told in my last post that these days I am quite busy with lots of art work and small DIY projects of my home.One of them is “Balcony Cafe ” at my home.Balcony Cafe came in my mind because I love to go cafes specially roof top ones and every time I go there I focus on the creativity side.I always wished to create such lively experience at my home so that it could be enjoyed any time with home made meals, tea and coffee. I did lots of research for this but  didn’t get any idea that how I can organise my balcony in a way that it may remain spacious  and decorative with plantation and artwork of recycled products.So I started setting it up firstly with the things that were not useful for me inside home like the rack ,wooden pieces and tiny foldable table and that filled my brain with more ideas of recycling.My whole purpose of starting DIY is to use those things for decoration which are not useful like egg trays , glass jars, wine bottles  by modifying them using the supplies available at home, that’s what fills my heart more with joy and determination.Today I am just sharing the pictures of my small cafe to give an idea of this section and I will soon start sharing the methods in the next post.

Till then enjoy the pictures …

20180113_15331020180113_153319_001IMG-20180106-WA0008 (1)

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