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Flower vase #DIY 1

Hey fellas,

So I am going to start my second post of the section with flower vase which has been made from egg tray.Yeah, right an egg tray can be more useful than holding eggs….he..he .So before moving towards the pictorial presentation ,below is the list of requirements :

1.Egg trays (3 trays of 6 eggs for triangular vase and four for square shaped)

  1. Scissor

  2. Acrylic water colors

4.Designer duct tape

5.Newspaper for making stem

  1. Coloured tapes

Let’s start :

  1. First of all take all six eggs holding small trays and separate them in two parts with the help of scissor.Keep three parts aside.Then take another three parts and segregate them further in same way as shown in the picture.IMG20171228232102
  1. Take each segregated part and cut it with the help of scissor in the shape of flower .



  1. Now colour the flowers with different colours so that you may get a colourful bunch and keep them aside for drying.

4.  Take a piece of  newspaper and cut it in to four halves . Then take each part and roll it as much as possible and put some glue at the ends so that it may not get open.Make the number of stems as per the number of flowers

5.Take a green coloured tape and roll it over each stem in a way so that the whole stem could look green .

6.Now take those three individual parts of egg tray which we left aside and colour them as per your choice.

7.In the mean time make a hole in the flowers with the help of scissor so that we may stick them to stems.

8.Stick the coloured tray parts with the help of duct tape and with this our flower vase is ready. Insert the stems in the holes of flowers ,though there is no glue required but if you want you can put little glue in the flower hole with the help of ear bud and then stick the stem with it.

9.Now our flower vase and flowers are ready with cheap thrill .


So it’s quick and simple . You can keep it either in your home or in balcony as you want……

Thank you for stopping by 🙂 🙂


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