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Balcony Cafe #DIY 2

Hey dear readers !!

Hope you are doing great !

In this post of DIY I will discuss about decoration of  balcony walls which can be done either by using wooden cardboards (if you have spare one ) or stickers or paintings if you are fond of them.Please note that mostly stuff I have used in my cafe was either spared or trashed, so either I had to make use or recycle it in different way.In my case  I had used a big wooden cardboard to decorate  wall of my balcony because I received it as a trash from my furniture vendor.As a lover of artwork I painted half of the card board as per my choice and on the other half I pasted some stickers . To explain further here is the pictorial representation :


The wall hanging on top of cardboard was made with paper cups n craft papers,I will write another post for it’s tutorial.

As It’s our personal balcony cafe, so I was thinking of an idea to write ”Welcome” and after quite brainstorming I searched for this unusual sticker which says “Welcome to our nest ” and it complements the wall very well. If you will note this wall has a meaning right from the welcome to the bottom of cardboard canvas which you guys need to explain in the comments (Yes, it’s a task..he..he.. )

 If you need any help regarding balcony cafe concept or balcony garden or have any questions regarding recycling of any objects which you think can be useful or wanna give feedback, just lemme know in the comments section.

Till then take care and have lovely evening  🙂

Never let the smile fall off from your face.


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