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Don’t throw glass bottles and jars #DIY 3

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Today I am here to discuss about recycling of glass jars, wine and beer bottles.Every month we all get stock of different kind of glass jars at our home in the form of Jam jars, wine /mock tail juices/beer/shakes ,ketchup bottles etc and  don’t realize that they might be of great use which could be due to several reasons, may be absence of interest or free time or most of the times people don’t care about recycling.But in case if you do then I am going to tell you four simple artistic way of reusing bottles which could be done quickly :

As a flower pot :

All you have to do is remove the paper sticked around the bottles and jars and decorate them with some ribbon or coloured tapes/duct tapes  if you want.




 As a snow globe :

All you have to do is put some glitter and water in the jar along with few drops of glycerine and put a little toy or  Santa inside (  incase you are making it during Christmas time ) either in inverted position or straight depending how want to keep it at the spot .



 As a tea light holder :

For this you need spray paint bottle in one or two colours or you can use some acrylic colours for doing some simple artistic work on it.


 As a Show piece/decorative item :




And this is how the illumination works on them………

IMG-20180106-WA0008 (1)

Hope you are finding this post useful .Please let me know about your feedback or if you have any queries in the comment section.

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