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Don’t throw glass bottles and jars #DIY 3

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Today I am here to discuss about recycling of glass jars, wine and beer bottles.Every month we all get stock of different kind of glass jars at our home in the form of Jam jars, wine /mock tail juices/beer/shakes ,ketchup bottles etc and  don’t realize that they might be of great use which could be due to several reasons, may be absence of interest or free time or most of the times people don’t care about recycling.But in case if you do then I am going to tell you four simple artistic way of reusing bottles which could be done quickly :

As a flower pot :

All you have to do is remove the paper sticked around the bottles and jars and decorate them with some ribbon or coloured tapes/duct tapes  if you want.




 As a snow globe :

All you have to do is put some glitter and water in the jar along with few drops of glycerine and put a little toy or  Santa inside (  incase you are making it during Christmas time ) either in inverted position or straight depending how want to keep it at the spot .



 As a tea light holder :

For this you need spray paint bottle in one or two colours or you can use some acrylic colours for doing some simple artistic work on it.


 As a Show piece/decorative item :




And this is how the illumination works on them………

IMG-20180106-WA0008 (1)

Hope you are finding this post useful .Please let me know about your feedback or if you have any queries in the comment section.

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Balcony Cafe #DIY 2

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In this post of DIY I will discuss about decoration of  balcony walls which can be done either by using wooden cardboards (if you have spare one ) or stickers or paintings if you are fond of them.Please note that mostly stuff I have used in my cafe was either spared or trashed, so either I had to make use or recycle it in different way.In my case  I had used a big wooden cardboard to decorate  wall of my balcony because I received it as a trash from my furniture vendor.As a lover of artwork I painted half of the card board as per my choice and on the other half I pasted some stickers . To explain further here is the pictorial representation :


The wall hanging on top of cardboard was made with paper cups n craft papers,I will write another post for it’s tutorial.

As It’s our personal balcony cafe, so I was thinking of an idea to write ”Welcome” and after quite brainstorming I searched for this unusual sticker which says “Welcome to our nest ” and it complements the wall very well. If you will note this wall has a meaning right from the welcome to the bottom of cardboard canvas which you guys need to explain in the comments (Yes, it’s a task..he..he.. )

 If you need any help regarding balcony cafe concept or balcony garden or have any questions regarding recycling of any objects which you think can be useful or wanna give feedback, just lemme know in the comments section.

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Flower vase #DIY 1

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So I am going to start my second post of the section with flower vase which has been made from egg tray.Yeah, right an egg tray can be more useful than holding eggs….he..he .So before moving towards the pictorial presentation ,below is the list of requirements :

1.Egg trays (3 trays of 6 eggs for triangular vase and four for square shaped)

  1. Scissor

  2. Acrylic water colors

4.Designer duct tape

5.Newspaper for making stem

  1. Coloured tapes

Let’s start :

  1. First of all take all six eggs holding small trays and separate them in two parts with the help of scissor.Keep three parts aside.Then take another three parts and segregate them further in same way as shown in the picture.IMG20171228232102
  1. Take each segregated part and cut it with the help of scissor in the shape of flower .



  1. Now colour the flowers with different colours so that you may get a colourful bunch and keep them aside for drying.

4.  Take a piece of  newspaper and cut it in to four halves . Then take each part and roll it as much as possible and put some glue at the ends so that it may not get open.Make the number of stems as per the number of flowers

5.Take a green coloured tape and roll it over each stem in a way so that the whole stem could look green .

6.Now take those three individual parts of egg tray which we left aside and colour them as per your choice.

7.In the mean time make a hole in the flowers with the help of scissor so that we may stick them to stems.

8.Stick the coloured tray parts with the help of duct tape and with this our flower vase is ready. Insert the stems in the holes of flowers ,though there is no glue required but if you want you can put little glue in the flower hole with the help of ear bud and then stick the stem with it.

9.Now our flower vase and flowers are ready with cheap thrill .


So it’s quick and simple . You can keep it either in your home or in balcony as you want……

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Balcony Cafe – A new concept

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I would apologize for not being much regular like I told in my last post that these days I am quite busy with lots of art work and small DIY projects of my home.One of them is “Balcony Cafe ” at my home.Balcony Cafe came in my mind because I love to go cafes specially roof top ones and every time I go there I focus on the creativity side.I always wished to create such lively experience at my home so that it could be enjoyed any time with home made meals, tea and coffee. I did lots of research for this but  didn’t get any idea that how I can organise my balcony in a way that it may remain spacious  and decorative with plantation and artwork of recycled products.So I started setting it up firstly with the things that were not useful for me inside home like the rack ,wooden pieces and tiny foldable table and that filled my brain with more ideas of recycling.My whole purpose of starting DIY is to use those things for decoration which are not useful like egg trays , glass jars, wine bottles  by modifying them using the supplies available at home, that’s what fills my heart more with joy and determination.Today I am just sharing the pictures of my small cafe to give an idea of this section and I will soon start sharing the methods in the next post.

Till then enjoy the pictures …

20180113_15331020180113_153319_001IMG-20180106-WA0008 (1)

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