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Meri Dastaan Sunana by Zakir Khan

Mera sab bura bhi kahna par accha bhi sab batana, Mai jab jau is duniya se to meri dastaan sunana. Ye bhi batana ki kaise samundar jeetne se phle mai hazaaro baar choti choti nadiyo se hara tha. Wo ghar wo zameen dikhana,koi magroor…

Don’t Assume!

Don’t assume……….. Fill the broken poetry with your lines in the comment section… Let’s play this creativity game and get to know about each other’s thoughts  😊😊😊 Thanks for reading!

Writer’s Block

It happens with every writer, when they try to knit the sweater, of muses designed in mind, which while penning down doesn’t bind. Sometimes they rummage for notions around search engine, then try to  shot the words from mind’s gun; however, pouring of  thoughts…

My Mom is a Superwoman

Mom always teaches us not to tell lie; however, she always does that to hide. Mom always tells us our worth, but often she forgets her own. Mom always takes stand for us; however, doesn’t let us do same for her. Mom has an immense well…

The Rhythm of My Life

The rhythm of my life had been through various trough & crests,

before you entered in my life,

Shouldn’t We Celebrate Men’s and Women’s Day Together?

What all a woman can do, a question raised by many
What all a man can do had never been the question
All man are unlike ,likewise all women are not same
What actually should be equal is
virtue of being human,
So respecting Men’s and Women’s Equality and Existence
rather than celebrating Women’s and Men’s Day individually ,
This is the time to celebrate World Humanity Day.


A needle of the clock could be replaced but time can’t. Friends could be replaced but best friends can’t. Partners could be replaced but true love can’t. A figure could be replaced but the body can’t. The face could be replaced but beauty can’t….

A Walk

A walk, if becomes a habit is serendipity. If it’s not, the weight of the body gets cumulative, game of snooze  get played with alarm, and it finishes off with propitious dawn. There is a lake in the park amidst trees atop which ducks…

A Soldier

Left home with wet eyes and promising hands

in blasphemy that he will come back,

he will come back.

But did he ?

A childhood moment

Me,Mom and Dad were on the bike, traveling in the night passed darkly roads; without any light, when the bike suddenly stopped. I started crying, being frightened, had no idea about the next second;  my father held my hand,  said, “don’t be afraid dear,…

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