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She is a phenomenal woman

She stands at the periphery of judgementals,

Doesn’t let anyone touch her soul beyond consensus,

She walks with dignity even without having perfect shape,

She flaunts her beauty in her wrinkled and stretched face,

She smiles with pride,digging deep in to fleshes of her teeth,

Still wonders who is she??

She is you, and she is me.

Still wonders who is she ??

Happy #womensday to all the pretty ladies who knows that every day belongs to them and the gentlemen who are gentle enough to respect woman for being a woman.

So ladies #staybold #keepsmiling and #beyou .

We all are

phenomenal woman.

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When nothing works as planned……

Hustle bustle goes on when nothing works as planned;

 mind gets distract and  eyes remain open,

Everyone says try hard to breakthrough your destiny ;

and I could only say it’s not new, I have faced it earlier too.

There is a light of hope illuminating inside me;

which keeps me going and going,

today I might be at downside but tomorrow my future would be bright.

© Payal Tyagi

Mera sab bura bhi kahna par accha bhi sab batana,

Mai jab jau is duniya se to meri dastaan sunana.

Ye bhi batana ki kaise samundar jeetne se phle mai hazaaro baar choti choti nadiyo se hara tha.

Wo ghar wo zameen dikhana,koi magroor jo khe to shuruwat meri jarur batana,

batana safar ki dushwariya meri, taki koi jo meri jaisi zameen se aaye

uske liye nadi ki jhaar humesha choti hi rahe aur samunder jitne khwab unki aankho se kabhi jaye nhi.

Par unse meri galtiya bhi mat chupana, koi puche to bta dena ki kis darje ka nakara tha mai.

Kah dena jhootha tha main,batana kaise jaroorat pe kaam na aa saka ,vaade to kiye par nibha na saka,

intkaam saare pure kiye par kuch ishq adhure rahne diye.

Bta dena sabko ki main matlabi bada tha, har bade makaam pe tanha hi khada tha.

Mera sab bura bhi kahna, accha bhi sab btana

Main jab jau is duniya se to meri dastaan sunana…



By Stand up comedian Zakir Khan


I saw a video in which Zakir poured out heart on story since from his struggling days  at Mehfil of Spoken 2017  where he recited this poetry telling how he want people to remember him after he leave this world and it touched my soul.

For people those who can’t understand  Hindi, I would apologize for not translating the deep emotions….


Meri Dastaan Sunana by Zakir Khan

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Myths and facts of Feminism



Feminism is  a fight against men ;

No it’s a fight against patriarchal and dominating thoughts ,

Feminism is  a fight against freedom gifted to men;

No it’s a fight against inequality between freedom of men and women,

Feminism is  a fight against the strength that a man’s body can have ;

No it’s a fight against the body shaming that only women face,

Feminism is a fight against marrying a successful man ;

No it’s a fight against repudiation of  high pay in case of woman

Feminism is a fight against customs and traditions of arrange marriage;

No it’s a fight against perfectly inelastic demand curve  set for a gender’s family.

Feminism is not fight against men, it’s a fight against thoughts.

© Payal Tyagi