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How to increase traffic on your word press blog ??

When I started my blog ,little I knew that a blog is not just for pouring your heart ,it’s for spreading your word to millions of people too but how it need to be done ,I was having no idea about it and didn’t know to whom I should ask. I get mails and messages  from some new  bloggers asking about advice on bringing traffic to site , though I am not a professional blogger yet but still if people asked definitely they would have seen something . So here I am sharing some tips of advice on basis of my knowledge which may help :

  1. Understand your motive :

    When you start your blog first of all you need to understand your purpose behind writing .What message you want to convey to your readers ?? or do you just want to make them happy by writing jokes or what ever be the reason but it must be clear to you.If it is not ,ask yourself this question, write the answer and then proceed.

  2. Theme on word press :

    I would say thanks to word press , that they have offered every sort of theme from  free to premium, so when most of us can’t afford premium of course we have the privilege to choose free one.Choose theme for your website very wisely ,even colour and background shows your perspective.

3.Font :

Font is very important for presentation.While writing focus on your font type, because if the font of body would be bigger than heading, definitely it gonna look absurd.

4.Networking :

Start interacting with other bloggers in blogger community by reading and commenting specially with the ones of your genre as that will give you a more clear picture of  next step to grow.

5.Social Media :

Spread your word on all social networking sites without having the fear of being judged. You are a blogger and you need to give freedom to your words and that should start firstly from home, I mean let your friends know what you are doing as they might help you in spreading your word further ,not even friends every reader who would get influence by your writings will definitely do so.

6.Punctuality :

Be punctual  in writing and make schedule of publishing your post.When people look forward to read more of your posts, you need to take care of their interest.

7.Have Patience :

Patience is the main key towards the path of growth .Some people may get good amount of views and followers within few months and some may take more than a year to reach there, it’s all about time zone, sincerity and determination. Don’t lose hope as you never know when you will become the star as hard work always pays off if not at present then maybe after sometime when you have even stopped thinking about it.

© Payal Tyagi

Never lose hope and keep doing your work, as stagnation hardly gives exponential growth. Thanks for reading 🙂

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Let’s Interact


Hi Guys ,

Hope you all are enjoying your sunday very well . Though we all know each other through our blogs and we have a strange friendly relation of sharing  our joy and sorrows  without knowing each other personally which is a blessing for us ,so now  I want to connect with you all on social media to know about you in better way .Here I am sharing my links of social networking sites,guys please leave your links too in the comment section and I promise that I will come to your site and follow you very soon on different platforms which you are comfortable in sharing.

Facebook :

Instagram :picslover_im

Twitter : @pallityagi

Happy Blogging !!

Enjoy Life !!

       Never let smile fall off from your face

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No Post Today,Let’s Interact

Hola !

We all know that Christmas ,New Year is round the corner and there are different time zones and climates on this circular planet but among all ,common is the season and thrill of joy.

So today I have decided not to publish any post  of my genre rather would like to interact with all my fella bloggers through a question :

What are your plans for Christmas and NewYear  Eve 2016 ??

For Instance : A trip in another country , a late night party on a cruise/rooftop of club , just wanna enjoy at home and cook with family and friends , would love to have fun in your company with baked cake and glass of wine, wanna spend time and bring smile on the faces of family created by you in an old age home and Orphanage or any other options which are  not in my mind and could be a part of plan.

As I could smell excitement in the breeze of blogosphere,I believe every one would be exhilarated and abide to share their thoughts and read about other’s.Even if I have already mentioned your plan as the example,please share again in your way ………

Incase you are new to my blog,please don’t forget to introduce yourself and leave your link in the comments ,so that I may also visit your awesome blog too .

It’s a fun moment 🙂

Let’s do chit chat !!!

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Child Development and Education #Suggestion 2

Child development is a crucial step for a family ,environment and nation.It’s like  quality of construction of building which depends on laying the first brick.When a child grows ,he passes various stages of development which should be carefully supervised by parents to elicit a better forge.Even I had been that child who faced the situation of avoiding school,who was hesitated to speak for herself,personality development  and lot more and my discussion with other parents gave me some issues which children are facing in current scenario and in this article I have just focused on improvements in some areas.

Here are some of the common issues,which a child may face once he/she starts going to school :

1.Avoid going to school: If the child is afraid of going to school or not interested because he or she don’t like behavior of teacher , classmates or any one,talk to your kid first to know specific situation because a mother or father should be the first friend of the child and then talk to teacher or if required to principal as well accordingly. Teachers are the first stepping stone after  parents in forging child character and future.

2.Not able to Concentrate : New studies shows that physical activity,reading fictional books and  music training  are linked with improving brain functions essential for learning.Fix up the time table for extra-curricular activities and studies.Enroll them for dance,music or sports activities which will help them in moulding choice of their passion as well.Many new schools are also opening now a days  which focuses on practical education with new structure of syllabus,which help kids with reduced stress of home work and developing healthy mind.

3.Cyber World Attraction : In this  new era of technology,kids fall too easily for gadgets and come in contact with internet.Though you might take me wrong,but don’t open your kids to this life too early especially games on mobiles,searching things on internet at least not before age of eight because it will affect their physical activity and may divert their mind.Instead assist them where ever you feel  they need internet for their homeworks and curiosity,so that you may guide them towards right direction and don’t provide open access to them till they don’t get mature enough.

Hope this post would be helpful for the parents facing such problems and for would be parents who are ready to welcome a new life.

The idea of this topic came to my mind from a suggestion.The suggestion was for writing a post related to contemporary issues given by a blogger friend

So I choose the contemporary issue  which is related to education.

“Plant your seeds well,they will become healthy trees and help others”

Here I am looking more suggestions for upcoming posts from amazing people and suggest an extension to this arcticle with the points I missed. Thanks in advance  🙂


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Suggestion # 1

Last week when I was asking for some suggestions for my upcoming posts,a friend send me a question.

How to convince your near and dear ones for your passion that is hard to understand by them ??

Here I will be very honest with my thoughts and that is ,if you are convinced by your passion,you don’t need to convince everyone.If it is about your parents I won’t say no ,but not every one,rather than it’s better to put your energy and efforts in convincing your investors,producers,customers or who so ever you need to plant your seed of passion.We all have some goals in our life which sometimes don’t go with the career choices that our parents make for us or even we make for us.I will tell a short story of mine which is not very inspiring,but it might help to give clarity on my thoughts.

After my graduation in Biotechnology,I made my choice for MBA which was just opposite  to what I was doing before.My father was not convinced with my point and believed that I won’t be successful in landing a job after it.Even other relatives taunted that rather than expending money on higher studies,better to invest that amount in her marriage to get a good match.But I was convinced myself that I have to give it a shot ,so I prepared for some exams and got selected in some colleges.Though it took me a year to convince my father which indulged every sort of stubborn activity from not eating food to heated arguements and even my preparation for exams,but it pays off after my father was convinced . He didn’t even came along me for my admission that time,but today when he proudly mentions about me to anyone for whatever I am, then rest all becomes ,matter of past.

It doesn’t mean that every time when we go for our passion,we won’t have failures or hurdles,it’s obvious that every step we gonna take will be a challenge,but without giving it a chance,we definitely gonna regret.

My quote :

” Just have the courage to see your dreams being live “

Topic suggested by  ywwp

Thank you  for such an awesome suggestion.

Friends what do you think about this subject ?? and if you also want me to suggest any topic for upcoming post,please do it in comment section……Thanks 🙂