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A travel gift that can never be forgotten

If Sydney is the rising sun of New South Wales in Australia then Port Stephens is the alluring silhouette of  the clouds at the moment of sunset located in Hunter region of NSW. This travel gift on my birthday from my husband was a surprise. The journey was embraced through  train ride from Sydney Central station to Newcastle along with one hour bus journey to Nelson bay allowing me to amaze myself from picturesque of the houses over the coastline and the turquoise blue sea.

The Ibis hotel was on the shores of Salamander bay for which we took another bus ride from Nelson bay. Till this point of time I was going with the flow without expecting any further awe moment, then I had sudden urge of sea view room for which we requested even and refused by the hotel staff. But as we entered in the balcony of our room the view was awestruck with beach, sea, greenery of Tomaree Head and welcome wine on the table. Next day we were told about complimentary breakfast which was mentioned in our tickets about which I wasn’t imbued by my husband and we packed our stomach to make ourselves ready for Snorkeling ; another surprise by him.


What will happen to me when I will be under water for the very first time, was the question storming my brain upside down, but somehow I made up my mind and strengthened my heart to go for it. When I entered in water with instructor I couldn’t breathe properly, panicked but slowly and steadily I became comfortable and to my surprise I spend fifty minutes underwater along holding a pink jelly fish in my hand and watching corals.After this small achievement, whale watching cruise was waiting for us as a reward at coast of Nelson bay.


When we came back to hotel I laid down and lost in another world without thinking of big day. In the midnight suddenly my husband woke me up to see a room full of balloons, illuminated candles, cake and getting enlightened with soft music.

”Happy Birthday honey”,he wished me with a hug.

After going back to Sydney, enthralled by all the stupendous efforts made by my husband for this travel gift especially hotel stay,I asked  him you would have spend at least a grand in hotel stay for all the facilities we availed which wasn’t required, to which what he politely replied had ringed hard in my ear drums ,

“No, it was just 350$ in total”

The last thing I expected….

My article on world nomads

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Vlog of Mumbai from heights

Hey friends,

These days I am quite busy in settling my dream home which we bought recently, so I am very much irregular in blogging. But this comes with a good news that soon I will start a new section of DIY house n balcony decoration so there will lots of information for you guys to catch upon if you are also on same boat , till then watch the video and enjoy different colors of Mumbai city from the top .

Thanks for stopping by…

Let the smile never fall off from your face.

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That Trip To Kashmir


Have you ever been to Kashmir ??Well, Kashmir is glorious crown of India which attracts people to come and create some special moments for them.When first downpour of snow get starts in winter , which slowly converts in a thick layer of blanket over mountains, it becomes fascinating.During that time first ray of sun in the morning gives tranquility in mind and even Summer has its own charm. So here starts my exciting story of the memorable trip.
In January 2006 while I had already started graduation ,my father surprised us with air tickets of Kashmir, making us realising the fact that ,

“Life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not set.”

because we (me and my mother )were really terrified due to terrible environment of violence in Kashmir we had seen in movies and used to frequently read in news, but were left with no other option instead of packing our bags because he was not ready to cancel them at any cost.And in all this hustle bustle of fear and adventure, finally the day came when we left for Delhi to depart.

We reached two hours before our flight time for security check in and after finishing it ,we were again left with one more hour to wait for boarding.My father sat on the bench with newspaper in boarding lounge which was enough for him to spend leisure till the flight staff called us.My younger brother was in very much enthusiasm for traveling to new place ,so he was sorting out his queries regarding new location by talking to Mom.Only I was left who had nothing to do, except roaming here and there because that time I wasn’t interested in reading even  .When I came back to sit on bench with my family,I slightly noticed the young handsome guy with greenish eye balls was sitting opposite to us, reading newspaper with his glances on me little bit  .After sometime when the boarding get started , we moved towards the flight and grabbed our seats as per the allotment.Me, my brother and mom were in one row, while my father sat in opposite row.Coincidentally that same handsome guy got the seat in our opposite row.So amidst both of us was the aisle. Till now after so many years of that trip,I had never seen so many seats remaining vacant specially in Jet Airways.Fortunately on that day lots of seats were vacant.As soon as we settled down, my Mom took out candies from her purse and distributed among us, my bro gave them to my father who was on the window seat of the opposite row, out of which he gave few to that guy.He liked the friendly nature of my Dad, and accepted candies.Astonishingly when the flight was ready for take off, Dad asked me if I want that window seat, as he could grab another window seat for which he had already confirmed from Air Hostess due to vacancy and also he didn’t knew that he is going to give a chance to that guy to start conversation with me, otherwise an Indian father will never do that ….. he..he

I was watching out of window, when unexpectedly I heard a voice asking,”Hello,If you don’t mind can we talk ?” Hesitatingly, because my parents were around us and he was a stranger firstly I thought to refuse, but as there was nothing to worry about and even I was getting bored , I nodded my head in agreement ,”Yeah tell me “.And from here our one hour fifteen minutes journey started from Delhi,,,,,,,
He:Hi, my name is Sameer, Sameer Shah and yours???
Me : Payal
He: Is this your first trip to Kashmir??
Me: Yes
He:Oh!! I belong to Srinagar only.
Me:OK,that’s great !
He: Well I am in third year of M.B.B.S and doing it from Nagpur,and you??
Me: I am in first year of my graduation in Biotechnology.
He: Oh Wow!! It is having good scope, now a days (Grinning)!!
Me: Yeah, but not much in India.Well I have a question in mind, as you belongs to Srinagar, how do you people manage to live ,when there is such terrifying environment of riots, conflicts?? I am  getting goosebumps while going as a tourist even.
He:Giggled,,, Though my parents sent me outside Kashmir for studies, just because of such environment only, so that I may concentrate on studies, forgetting everything.But for us these bomb blasts and firings are like crackers bursting on festivals. It’s my home town and still a heaven, so I can’t leave coming to this place, to my family.And believe me, it is very much safe for tourists…..
Me: Startled by what he told, but impressed by his spirit.So who all are there in your family??
He: Mine is nuclear family with my father, mother & my younger sister Shama.
Me: OK !! giggled..(while looking outside window)
He: Well, I found your father’s nature very friendly, as I have never seen anyone asking for any thing to stranger in flight.
Me: Yeah, he is !!!(grinned with confused expressions, whether he is really impressed or just embarrassing me)
He: So where you all will be staying in Srinagar??
Me: In some hotel,name I don’t know ,my father would be knowing.
He: Why don’t you people stay at our home.We will show your family all the places around as per their wish.
Me: Well that would be our pleasure!! but for this you need to ask my father( which I was sure, he will never do) because he only planned the whole trip( while again staring outside from window, as I knew my brother and mother were rolling their eyeballs on me which made me feel weird.Might be I could stop this conversation in between, but I didn’t want that because I found him gentle and genuine.
He:I brought three boxes of oranges from Nagpur,I always bring them for my family,when ever I come for vacations,So would you like to take one??
Me: No,Thanks !! We already have lots of baggage with us.
He:OK !
Me: Another question popped in my head and I somehow asked without giving a second thought,”Surely you would be having any girl friend ??”
He: Guffawed!! How you are so sure??
Me: No I mean, you are a medical student with good looks , caring for a stranger even, what else any girl wants??
He: Ha…ha Even I can ask you same question, as you also look beautiful, so do you have boyfriend ?Anyways I don’t have, because I don’t have time for it with hell burden of medical books.
Me: ( with dancing heart, as I was complimented).No I don’t have.So when ever you will look for, what will be your priority??
He: Though I have not set any priority,but want a girl with beautiful heart much more than her looks.
Me: (Can’t say whether the line was to impress or he really believes that,but I was impressed)Oh ! ! If you really think so,I must say you have beautiful spirit.
He: Thanks !! Yes I really believe so…
Me:(Srinagar was about to come as mountains covered with layers of ice became visible)Again I started looking outside window to enjoy the beauty of nature and the landscape seems like a black & white sketch drawn on extreme canvas with sharp black graphite pencil.While I was totally adrift in the scenic beauty, again I heard his voice….
He:This time outside temperature would be in minus,so keep yourself covered with multiple sweaters and an overcoat.In summertime ,it turns up in to green.
Me: OK !! (simply nodded)
He: Take my number as I will be here for ten days , in case you need any help…9259……

Me: I didn’t hear his number ,because don’t  know why but I quickly realised that if I took his number,I might not be able to control my self from calling him and though it was too early to think but I also knew we are not going to have any future ,because he was from different religion and state, which my family won’t support and this boy was too pretty for just friendship, so better to leave it at that turn.
He: Do you have any mail id, so that sometimes I may send you message, just as a friend ??
Me: No….
He: (with a shock)Seriously I can’t believe that,how is it possible ???? You must be lying.
Me: But this is true…I am sorry.
He: I am really impressed !!

Was he or  he interpreted me as a fool?? (dilemma…    )
Anyways in few minutes we were about to land in Srinagar as per the instructions of flight captain.
He : Hopefully will catch you somewhere in Srinagar (grinned)
Me: Let’s see!! (from heart I really wanted if we could meet again, might be just to know him better as a person )
And the flight landed………
Me:  Take care. Bye( felt quite sad because I didn’t realize how that one hour fifteen minutes had spent so fast, but anyways I had to move)
He: Bye . You too….
While we got down from flight, my father attacked me with bullets of questions……Why I was talking to him ?What we were talking about? Did we exchanged numbers….and I exclaimed , a big NO!!
Somehow my Mom supported me with her interruption,”It’s fine if she was talking, she was talking in front of us and I have confidence on her”.
We arrived at the airport and reached to belt at which our luggage was loaded.While we were collecting our bags, unexpectedly Sameer came to my father and asked,”Uncle would you like to come with us and stay at our home” ? which my father softly refused with acknowledgement of his pre-bookings of hotels etc and he left the place with gesture of final bye.

Though I couldn’t believe that how a person can be so perfect ,but his last humble expression had earned lot of respect for him in my heart .I don’t know what would have happened, if I had taken his number, but the turn at which I left it is unforgettable ,as an alluring memoir and this trip had changed my opinion about Kashmir too.We roamed on streets of Kashmir ,around Dal lake even on 26th January and there was nothing to worry about.Few of the Kashmiri locals offered us Kahwa(kashmiri green tea flavoured with cardamom and saffron) on Shikara and while we wandered around. With all my experience I reached to a conclusion that it’s not actually the local residents who are earning money by simple living, creating problems in Kashmir, but the separatists who don’t count themselves as Indians and militants of other countries who have made prominence in Kashmir now  .

Source: That Trip To Kashmir

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Delhi – A city of history & India Gate

Though I don’t belong to Delhi but my connection is bit strange with this city.I lived here for sometime in childhood and then I came back again for my Post Graduation and I remember the first day when I entered, the dreams I had in my eyes and the promise I made to myself.It’s bizarre that a city which doesn’t belong to you make more strong connection with you and you decide that you will do whatever it will take to prove your worth.It never happened with me after that though I had been to many places and I am still proud of my work and the challenges I fought with.But last month when I went there after a quite long time , I felt that Delhi is not same as it was that time but a place which still touch my heart is India Gate.Fifteen to twenty  minutes walk from Central Secretariat metro station to India Gate and having Bhelpuri there and ice cream cone while coming back always made my day and still the pleasure is same specially during dusk.If some one really want to explore the reality of Indian culture and heritage ,should visit this place . Either you may find some people doing the candle light march for the brave or you may find the men and  women in Rajasthani attire selling artistic ornaments or if you are lucky enough to get the passes of Republic Day and Independence Day Parade, you will surely feel proud on India and it’s capital city,even if you are not a citizen  .And the icing on the cake when while walking back from India Gate you take some more steps towards Rashtrapati Bhavan .I will share some pictures to mark the clarity of my words ..


The beautiful cloud formation all around the India Gate and the three flags amidst are of Army,Navy and Airforce ……



The women in traditional attire  having discussions


The sun is preparing to set in the clouds and Rashtrapati Bhavan has been silhouetted against the sky…

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Five things you should do while traveling from India to Australia on 457

Hey Guys !!

Hope you all are doing well !!

Since I came back from Australia I have been fallen behind my schedule of writing.Yeah I know it’s a lame excuse but for me after migrating ,adjustment to new environment always takes time.Anyways now I am settled in my old routine and so I am back with an informative post which is required because the rate of immigration from India to Australia is high these days . But when students and employees travel there they usually don’t get guidance what things should be carried along and what not . Same happened with me one and half year before.I searched for blogs and informative posts regarding traveling instructions but failed to find one.As I was going with my husband whose organisation was sending him for a long term project , I realize that if someone would have told me about the things I could buy in Australia I would not have  carried the ancillary stuff due to which I couldn’t bring back many things I wanted to .So if you are going temporarily  for  a year or more and believe in bringing some imported stuff back ,these are my instructions for you :

1.Don’t carry pressure cooker and other utensils : When I was packing my bags everybody suggested me to carry a pressure cooker and some utensils as it difficult to buy one.But it’s untrue.Only thing you need to do is find suburbs where most Indian people live.For instance In Sydney you can find all utensils in some Indian supermarkets of suburbs like Parramatta and Harris Park.

2.Don’t carry Indian spices, oils and ghee : Even if you don’t live in suburbs having majority of Indians you can find section of Indian food and spices in Hypermarkets like Woolworths at some locations, otherwise you can shop it from Indian grocery stores there. Yeah you will find them little expensive in dollars specially spices as compare to Indian currency but it would be fine if you don’t prefer to fall in comparison.

3.Carry half of the clothes and foot wears as per your requirement :  Who would not like to shop from another country specially when you can get them at cheap prices either from brands like H&M on sale or from big retail stores like Target and K-MART.

4.Must carry ethnic wears and Indian clothes : For those who wear Indian dresses on daily basis, it’s better to carry them from India because they are expensive in foreign countries specially if you are going for a year or so.Even the people who prefer western wear, it’s better to carry few because festivals are celebrated there too.

5.Keep your cosmetics ,nail cutters in check in bags only

Australia has an increasingly multicultural society – Julie Bishop

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Vivid – A festival of lights and themes in Sydney

How many of you have heard about Vivid festival which is celebrated amidst May and June every year ?? This festival is a specialty of Sydney and people from all parts of Australia and overseas travel this time to Sydney to become fascinated by the spectacular views of  architectural buildings and top most attractions. This festival is just not popular because of the lights and colours but due to the creativity of themes too.Every year the themes will be different.Either a theme gives a message or it depicts some art . Rather than any more words of applause now ,let me just present some of the mesmerising images of top most attractions of Circular Quay, Sydney for better understanding.

VIVID Sydney 2017

Harbour Bridge and view of the city


On the wall of Harbour Bridge -The EORA ( Depiction of Aboriginals )


The Shining of Opera House in Vivid colours ( View from the cruise )

Vivid Sydney 2017, Harbour Lights. 26/5/2017
Photo James Horan/Destination NSW

Another view of Opera House and the people from top .

VividSydney2017_MCA_OrganicVibrations_Destination NSW_James Horan 0005

Organic vibrations on The Art Gallery in The Rocks


“Freedom of movement” at The Rocks


This building gave pain in the neck while watching


This picture witness the excitement in people.Every one is busy in clicking pictures  and capturing moments.



Hope you enjoyed the moment ,

Never let smile fall off from your face.

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Self guided tour for spending weekend in Melbourne,Australia

I had not been physically to many countries but viewed many locations in photographs and after being in Australia for more than a year I found that this country is a combination of every sort of place a traveler could fantasise for, in his basket of dreams.It have islands, beaches, mountains, landscapes and beautiful cityscapes of architectural buildings . Till now I have explored various parts of states in Australia like New South Wales , Victoria and Queensland while living in Sydney and I feel that I have seen many countries just in this single continent out of the whole world . I felt like the dream of maundering at places which we had seen in Yash Chopra movies of Bollywood have come true now….he..he . My Indian readers will definitely understand what I mean and for others, Yash Raj Chopra is one of the famous director who made movies of romance genre in Bollywood and he used to shoot his movie  and songs at some beautiful locations all around the world . One of the movie is Salaam Namaste that had been shot in Melbourne.

Anyways coming back to the point , in Melbourne if you are planning to spend a weekend  or two nights and you have no idea from where to start from ,you can surely follow non exhaustive self guided tour which includes plethora of walk and some transportation by train and trams too . For travelling by train and trams ,myki card is required which is available at every 7/11 store and it can be recharged as per convenience.

Melbourne City : Melbourne sensational cityscape is dotted with amazing architecture include graffiti art buildings, neoclassical facades and contemporary towers. So after landing in Melbourne, there are five top attractions in and around city which a person should visit .

a. Brighton Beach : I have seen many beaches in Australia but this beach is different not because of beauty of waves but due to it’s coloured bathing boxes as it can be seen in the picture..For reaching here take a direct train from flinder’s street station till Brighton if staying in CBD and you will find the beach opposite the station road once you will step out.Start walking from beach to coloured bathing boxes and you will surely enjoy the walk on bay side.

Image result for brighton beach boxes

Sunset at Brighton Beach

2. St.Kilda Beach : St.Kilda beach is one of the  most popular beach in Melbourne and have very beautiful coastal walk  . After walking  from the St.Kilda pier and passing through St.Kilda Marina , a beautiful landscape with tiny hilltop comes .The view from that point is worth watching and it sheds tiredness from body. The shore of this beach is appropriate and favourite for all sports activities.

And if you are a lover of sweet goodies then walk towards Acland street and you will find many European bakery shops for eating different sort of cakes and macarons.


Here  parachutes can be viewed amidst clouds and in downside road people do cycling and skating.


Three variety of cakes we ate …

3. Southgate bridge and walk across Yarra river (See more in less time): 

This is the best place to spend evening in the city.Melbourne has a unique beauty of trams as a mode of transport in the city and sometimes transit by tram is free if you are travelling in free zone where you don’t need to touch on and off Myki card .Take a tram till shrine of remembrance ,visit it  and start walking back from there , you will pass through many attractions of the city from Swanston street to Flinder’s lane like arts centre , National Gallery of Victoria ,botanical garden, Flinder’s street station, Federation square and St.Paul Cathedral church.You can also enjoy city views on traditional  horse cart if you don’t prefer to walk .



Take the downstairs from Swanston street and start walking towards Southgate bridge, the one which can be seen in mid of Yarra river. During night this view become more awesome in sizzling lights.


View from Federation Square ….

Old Trams looks more sophisticated for enjoying journey

4. Hosier Lane Art  and other attractions : Mostly tourists prefer to stay in hotels and apartments of in and around CBD as it is centre of all attractions ,transport modes and popular rooftop bars. Collins street ,Bourke street and King’s street are the most popular ones as they are near to every sort of restaurants, tram and railway stations . So either take a walk depending on the area you are staying or take a tram till flinder’s lane and move towards Hosier lane. Even if you are not an art lover ,I am sure you will fall in love with this Graffiti artwork and every art has some depiction in it which keeps you engaging.

After completing Hosier Lane move back towards Flinder’s lane and walk ,you will find various other attractions on your way.


5. Melbourne Star Observation Wheel : Have you ever dreamt of going to London Eye  and looking city from there ?? If yes then don’t forget to go for spin  here . It’s an astonishing feeling of gazing the city while standing or  sitting on the deck which is rotating and when it reach on the top , the view becomes incredible.I will suggest to book tickets online as you can easily avail great percent of discount

Melbourne Cricket Ground :  This is an extra option  specially for the cricket lovers or those who wanna explore the history  and world of cricket. For this a tour can be booked offline at the stadium itself ,only you need to check it’s  availability online for particular date.

PS : All images can’t be reserved for copyrights.

“ The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” ~ Saint Augustine

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A Travel To Gold Coast in Gone 2016

Gold Coast is one of the most happening city in Queensland ,Australia and it is also called Vegas of Australia.So we, means four of us(my hubby and our friends ) planned to celebrate a week of last month along with 31st night over there and did all booking two months before  ,taking care of discounts.As soon as we landed there we were too excited in maundering around that rather than taking rest we started our first evening with Skypoint ,a tower having 77 floors and a startling view from  it’s observation deck.

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Supermoon 2016

On Monday 14th November 2016 the gap between the earth and moon was at very closest point,known as Perigree,which was one of the biggest event in series of Supermoon not just full moon.Last time the moon was this close to earth in 1948 and next time the probability is in 2034.

Though Supermoon view had been beautiful all around the world ,but being in Sydney,here I am going to make you visit ,some of the eye-catching views of Supermoon all around Sydney.


Image source


Gracious view of  the”Supermoon “over Bondi Beach,Sydney,Australia…….


Spectacular view of the ” Supermoon “through the twigs of the tree at Manly Beach,Sydney,Australia


The “Supermoon” was not that close, even then I could manage to get captured in a picture portraying like touching it.Isn’t that amazing



An alluring view from my balcony……..

Copyrights to some of the images in which the source link has been mentioned,are not reserved with  Life Memoirs Blog.Rest of the photos was taken by me only.

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Weekly Photo Challenge 2:Reflections



Reflection of sunset in the river at Watson Bay ,New South Wales,Australia

Friends, would love to remind you please submit your suggestions with the topic you want me to write my upcoming posts from next week, because everyone will enjoy reading them.Below is the contact page for you.Thanks to those who already did it  and in advance to those who are going to do so  🙂