An ode to teachers

teachers day

The tyranny of  teachers is when they don’t understand 

every student of their class and classify them as per their 

own understanding of excellence.

But the magnanimity of them is when the failure 

of any single student is accepted by them as their failure.

Though many people in our life teach us some lesson either good or bad, but teacher plays a major role in designing the building blocks  of our life.

Heer Ranjha(An epic love story)


Seven steps for remaining strong and getting over from break up

Yes, I am flustered…………………………….

Relationships are made for living happily with a person whom you love the most. But what if those relations become complicated? What if threads of trust in a relationship get a break? or What if the other person has taken you for granted? I think in all such cases the answer would be it’s better to get rid of such relationship, Right? But it’s not that easy to detach the strings of emotional connection. That’s why phase of breakup become difficult to bear and most people go through depression. So, it won’t be a great suggestion if I would say once you break up, forget everything in a second. But yes there are few other steps which may help in self – recovery :

  1. Don’t make alcohol your best friend: Not every but most men and women choose this ubiquitous path of DevD so that they may sleep well, could easily forget the person and pain of relationship. But that doesn’t happen, instead, this way may make you lost deep in the black hole from which you wanted to come out.

When you are happy consuming alcohol might be fun but when you are sad ,it becomes an addiction.

2. Don’t hesitate in asking for help because your life is important: If you don’t have any trustworthy friend or family person with whom you may share about your circumstances to come out from the situation, take the help of Counselors. I know there is a societal stigma attached to it as most people think that a person only takes help of wellness coaches and psychologists when they go through some sort of mental disorder. But it’s not true. This phase is so sensitive that one should take care of his /her mental health along with physical well-being and thanks to technology as there are many AI platforms in mental health care nowadays, where one can take help online in an anonymous way too.


3. Go for a trip and plan for some adventurous activities: Try to change your surroundings by planning a trip with your friends or family. If you like traveling, this is the best naturopathy to make yourself feel better.

4. Join some classes for leisure: Yoga is the best therapy for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing at a time, apart from this one can join activities like swimming, dance, and music to relax mood and sustaining the inner confidence.

It is said that when people feel good about their physique, they become more confident about themselves too.

5. Focus on your long-term goals: You might have made some long-term goals with the person who is not in your life anymore but that doesn’t mean that your other goals have been devastated too. This is the time when you can focus more on your career and may become a legend or may give your precious time to those people who are always standing behind you, no matter what.

6. Not every breakup become the end of the story: This point is very important because it is not necessary that if you have been through break up in your relationship once, you can’t patch up. If the duo of a love story feels really connected with each other but they broke up due to family issues or some ego factor, then they need to stand strong with each other forgetting the ego because if they are together then no one can come between them.

7. Forget the bitter moments of past from your life by flushing them off from your mind and forgive people for the sake of treasuring the sweet moments.

Thank you for reading!

“Sometimes it’s important to let go the wrong person so that the right one may come in your life at the right time.”

©Payal Tyagi

Five things you should do while traveling from India to Australia on Skill-457

Hey Guys!

Hope you are doing well!

Since I came back from Australia I haven’t been following my schedule of writing. Yeah I know it’s a lame excuse but for me after migrating, adjusting to a new environment is a time taking process. Anyways now I am settled in my old routine and so I am back with an informative post which may be required because the rate of immigration from India to Australia is high these days. But when students and employees travel there they usually don’t get guidance on what things should be carried along and what not. Same happened with me one and a half year before. I searched for blogs and informative posts regarding traveling instructions but failed to find the appropriate one. As I was going with my husband whose organization was sending him for a long-term project, I realize that if someone would have told me about the things I could buy in Australia I would not have carried the ancillary stuff due to which I couldn’t bring back many things I wanted to. So if you are going temporarily  for  a year or more and believe in bringing some imported stuff back, these are my instructions for you:

1. Don’t carry pressure cooker and other utensils: When I was packing my bags everybody suggested me to carry a pressure cooker and some utensils as it difficult to buy one. But it’s untrue. The only thing you need to do is find suburbs where most Indian people live. For instance, in Sydney, you can find all utensils in some Indian supermarkets of suburbs like Parramatta and Harris Park.

2. Don’t carry Indian spices, oils, and ghee: Even if you don’t live in suburbs having the majority of Indians you can find a section of Indian food and spices in hypermarkets like Woolworths at some locations, otherwise you can shop it from Indian grocery stores there. Yeah, you will find them little expensive in dollars especially spices as compare to Indian currency but it would be fine if you don’t prefer to fall in comparison.

3. Carry half of the clothes and footwear as per your requirement: Who would not like to shop from another country especially when you can get them at cheap prices either from brands like H&M on sale or from big retail stores like Target and K-MART.

4.Must carry ethnic wears and Indian clothes: For those who wear Indian dresses on daily basis, it’s better to carry them from India because they are expensive in foreign countries especially if you are going for a year or so. Even the people who prefer western wear, it’s better to carry a few because festivals are celebrated there too.

5. Keep your cosmetics, nail cutters in check in bags only.

Have I missed any point to mentioning here? Kindly let me know in the comment section.

“Australia has an increasingly multicultural society” – Julie Bishop

Four tips you should follow if you lack lucidity in verbal communication




Have you ever encountered the problem of lucidity while communicating with other people either at the workplace or in social circle who misunderstood your point most of the time because you were unable to express yourself precisely and so every time after such conversation you felt disappointed? If yes, then you would be always thinking that what should be the solution. Well, there are a few easy tips which can be followed:

1. Don’t stop explaining:

Whenever you get trapped in such conversations and presentations, don’t lose hope. If people don’t get your point at a very first time, be patient and explain it again rather than leaving the conversation in between.

2. Observe the bottleneck points:

Every time when you go through such circumstances, observe the bottleneck points. For example if you are experiencing problem in explaining to your Boss what you did in your project, even after knowing the answer then next time write down all the points of problems you had faced in your explanation and try to find whether it’s because of the language problem or due to a lack of knowledge, solve it accordingly and rehearse before the next discussion with your Boss, if you can.

3. Take stand for yourself:

If someone tries to impose his or her thinking on you because they think you don’t have a valid point to explain, don’t worry, if you know why you are right, stick to your point without hesitating. In case, if you know there is a flaw, accept it because you don’t need to win every conversation. For example, if people ask you why you are still not married even at the age of 30 which is very late as per the other person then explain to them, that you believe in living your life at your own conditions rather than following standard bar of getting married before thirty even if they say you should do it.

4. Talk less, listen more:

Most of the times we couldn’t give the right answer because of the lack of clarity in knowledge about the topic. So talk less, listen more and react accordingly.

Let me know what you think could be done more if a person faces a hurdle in putting their point forward while conversing.

Few Words for Dad


I hated my life


“Understand the value of those gifts which you have in the form of friendship, relation and work ,rather than focussing on what you don’t.”

Nothing is free


Schools are no more the temples of education


“Since the time Rubina started going to new school, she ain’t enjoying her school days and most of the time making excuses for staying at home. I am afraid, what could be the reason for this drastic change?”, her mother told her neighbor, whom daughter Neha is Rubina’s classmate.

“My daughter also told me that Rubina doesn’t talk  much in class and  teachers insult her sometimes for not doing homework and clamming up in class, whenever teacher ask a question, probably this could be the reason of the excuses she makes, for not going to school.”

“But at least she should be interested in making new friends, even Neha ain’t her friend. Doesn’t Neha like her company?”

“Sorry, I have never conversed about it with Neha, so I can’t tell. But you can directly ask her.”

“Yeah, I need to find out the solution of this puzzle.”

Suddenly the bell rang ……

“Ah! Someone is there at the door, I think it must be Neha. I will just come.”

“Yeah Sure!”

“Hey, Mom, Why you took so much time in opening the door?” Neha asked her mother.

“Beta, I was just talking to Meeta Aunty (Rubina’s Mom). She is here. Go and meet her, I will bring you juice.”

“Hi Aunty, How are you? ”

“I am good beta, how are you? How is your school going?”

“I am fine Aunty and school is  phenomenal.”

“Seems you enjoy a lot in school.”

“Yeah Aunty, I really love going to school. I am a favorite of my teachers and have really great friends in school.”

“Oh! That sounds so perplexing.”

“Why Aunty?”

“Because none of this is happening with Rubina, that’s the reason beta, I am sitting here. Can you tell me why Rubina feel so isolated in school that she doesn’t enjoy spending time in school?”

“Aunty as far I know, nobody wants to talk to her in class.”

“Why?” (Meeta was stopped dead after listening to this.)

“Because most of the time she doesn’t give answers when teachers ask her something. The only subject she loves is Arts. So other subject teachers ordered the classmates to stay away from her.”

“What? This is happening to her and she never told me about it. How teachers can teach children such a forbidden act? I need to talk with the Principal about it.

Thanks for your help Beta.”

“No problem Aunty but I think it’s Rubina’s fault as she is not concentrating on her studies and so teachers don’t like her.

Neha’s mom stared at her, gesturing for not behaving this way. But she ignored.

And I have also heard from classmates that Rubina belongs to poor family and that’s why she is like this.”

“What? Oh My God! Is that also the point to consider? Neha beta, I don’t know whether you will get my point or not, but it could be vice-versa. Maybe she doesn’t like her teachers and that’s why she doesn’t focus on other subjects apart from arts. Since the ancient ages, teachers had the history of being partial on the basis of the background of children, so why can’t they would be now (crying on her daughter’s ordeal.)

Rubina’ s father was a Farmer and he wanted his daughter to be in a top school of the city so that she may receive a quality education and reach a level where they couldn’t but little did they know that schools also judge students on basis of father’s occupation.

My Opinion:

I agree with the fact that competition should be there in schools, but what kind of competition is this, where a child become a loser, in judgement  of other people on the basis of family background?

Why teachers can’t treat every child equally, irrespective of the fact whether the student is concentrating on the studies or not? Isn’t their responsibility to check what’s wrong with the child and how he or she can improve, rather than just treating the students badly?

It is always said that, “schools days are best.” But  it’s a wrong statement for those children who don’t get a  second chance, when they remain unable to prove themselves in the first.

This is the reason why children come under stress and anxiety at such a age when they  should live their life care free.

Thanks for reading and please share your feedback.

Vivid – A festival of lights and themes in Sydney

How many of you have heard about the Vivid festival which is celebrated amidst May and June every year? This festival is a specialty of Sydney and people from all parts of Australia and overseas travel this time to Sydney to get fascinated by the spectacular views of architectural buildings and topmost attractions. This festival is just not popular because of the lights and colors but due to the creativity of themes too. Every year the themes will be different. Either a theme gives a message or it exhibits some art. Rather than putting any more words of applause now, let me just present some of the mesmerizing images of topmost attractions of Circular Quay, Sydney for your better understanding.

VIVID Sydney 2017

Harbour Bridge and view of the city.


On the wall of Harbour Bridge -The EORA ( Depiction of Aboriginals )


The Shining of Opera House in Vivid colours ( View from the cruise )

Vivid Sydney 2017, Harbour Lights. 26/5/2017
Photo James Horan/Destination NSW

Another view of Opera House and the crowd from top .

VividSydney2017_MCA_OrganicVibrations_Destination NSW_James Horan 0005

Organic vibrations on ‘The Art Gallery’ in The Rocks, Circular Quay.


“Freedom of movement” at The Rocks


This building gave pain in the neck while we were noticing its height.


This image witness the excitement in people.Every one is busy in clicking pictures  and capturing moments.



Hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

Never let smile fall off from your face.

Writer’s Block


It happens with every writer,

when they try to knit the sweater,

of muses designed in mind,

which while penning down doesn’t bind.

Sometimes they rummage for notions around search engine,

then try to  shot the words from mind’s gun;

however, pouring of  thoughts sometimes get lock,

that is the world of writer’s block.

My Mom is a Superwoman


Mom always teaches us not to tell lie;

however, she always does that to hide.

Mom always tells us our worth,

but often she forgets her own.

Mom always takes stand for us;

however, doesn’t let us do same for her.

Mom has an immense well of sacrifice inside,

which she never let fill through her infinite good deeds.

© Payal Tyagi

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