A Walk

A walk, if becomes a habit is serendipity.

If it’s not, the weight of the body gets cumulative,

game of snooze  get played with alarm,

and it finishes off with propitious dawn.


There is a lake in the park amidst trees atop which ducks swim,

a crow cries sitting above with voice of grim.

Some people ride the bike, some people run, and some just come for a walk;

 a few just dances in group and rock.

A walk in the park soothes mind and thrash strain

of work, we need to go back again.

But an hour of a day is worth spending out,

that is what life all about.  

© Payal Tyagi

A Soldier

He  came home for vacations to see his mother, father,

wanted to create some splendid moments.

To meet his wife and daughter,

thinking this time he will take them on a tour.

The mother thought of having a cup of tea with her son,

and wife wanted to go to a party for fun.

Dad wanted to discuss some global news with son,

and daughter wanted to recite some poem with her hon.

But then started some warfare at border front,

and he got the call to come back,  to perform duty stunts.

So a soldier, a son, a father & a husband get webbed in the catch – 22,

on one side there is family love and the other side its the motherland’s dove,

 out of which he had to choose only one.

The culture infused in him made motherland’s love  his priority,

not the mothers’ who loved him up to infinity.

Left  home with wet eyes and promising hands,

in blasphemy that he will come back, in next holidays he will come back.

But will he?

A question that his family always have.

A soldier is always an important part of every country’s system. This poetry is just an expression of what an army man’s life go through and a little tribute to his immense contribution in keeping us and our motherland safe.

Jai Hind!

© Payal Tyagi 


The journey of Creative Buzz was not started with this name. This blog was found in 2016 with the name of Life Memoirs and it was conceptualized with the notion of putting the memoirs of my life altogether. After inception, I expanded it with the introduction of several other sections such as Travel, #LifeBeyondStigma, Poetry, Quotes, and Tales of Moments and also penned down tips about blogging which I have learned in my journey; however, I am still learning them.

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My name is Payal. I am a full-time writer and right now working for a fin-tech company. My journey from becoming a Business Development Manager to a full-time Content Writer has been bumpy just like the journey of life but it’s worth because I am enduring my passion of writing which started with the foundations of this blog. Also, I am a food maniac, a travel geek and a crazy dancer. In my personal life, I am married to Mr. Bhavya(don’t judge him by name). He is a software genius and my bestie after my mother. I always have a complaint with him that why he didn’t meet me in our childhood times? To which, he doesn’t have an answer but I love to ask it, again and again. Oh yeah! crazy me!

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A childhood moment

Me,Mom and Dad were on the bike,

traveling in the night passed darkly roads;

without any light, when the bike suddenly stopped.

I started crying, being frightened,

had no idea about the next second;

 my father held my hand, 

said, “don’t be afraid dear, you are not lone stand.”

 He quickly repaired the bike,

with the available equipments on his own.

I was pacified,

as we left the place soon.

Just a fact

Sometimes people take time to realize your importance.

Sometimes people realize it on time.

Only time is the difference,but that matters.

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